From Their Majesties: Crown Tournament Postponed


This morning Tamar and I woke to the drizzle here on our estates and could for a moment pretend it was the patter of rain on canvas. This #virtualgulfwars has been good for our souls, and ask you to continue finding ways to rally and support one another.

But this morning also bears bad news, I have heard the first “friend of a friend” reports, and while Calontir by and large stands strong and healthy the rest of the Known Worlde does not fair as well.

Given the National State of Emergency, the suggestions of the Board, and the advice and wisdom we have been able to gather;
We will be extending the suspension of organized Calontir SCA activities through April 30.

This means that Spring Crown Tournament has been suspended and is now planned for June 13, 2020, the first weekend of our Lilies War. Letters of intent, therefore, are now due by May 30.

These decisions are made under certain assumptions that no further governmental restrictions arise, but gives us the flexibility to react again if the “all clear” is not given by that time.

We will be constantly reviewing the situation and making adjustments to see to the future of Calontir and the safety of our people.

We want to publicly thank our Witan and Thiegns for their wisdom. Our Baronies, Shires, and Cantons for their Patience. And our People for their Heart.

Your Fealty has our eternal Love.
Your Service has every honor we can bestow.

You will not stand alone.
Lucian and Tamar

Stories: Ariel and I Wipe Out the East – Almost

Codex Manesse, UB Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 848, fol. 17r, “Herzog von Anhalt”, 1305-1315. Public Domain in the United States

Several things are going on on Facebook to help Calontir folks get through the current crisis. The Falcon Banner and The Calontiri Wiki will be making available those that are shareable outside of Facebook.



By: Master Pavel Yosivich

It was the woods battle at Pennsic XV. I had injured my knees, again, and thought that I would sit the battle out. The Calon army was very new then and wearing the tabards was a great joy. Not that it isn’t now, only then it was still a new joy.

As I was watching the army march off to battle, singing, while I stood there on my crutches, I was greatly inspired. Grabbing the few non-fighters in camp I then had my knee wrapped and myself armored. Rounding up three other fighters that were back in camp for various reasons we took off after the army. They were Lady Megan O’Reilly, Lord Tom the German, and a third I can’t remember.

The four of us moved slowly and entered the woods well after the gun. (I was walking on a busted knee, which I had to have replaced right after that war.) We had many small engagements with small groups of Easterners and did quite well, until our fourth or fifth engagement where we were all killed. The other three went on to resurrection point as I was still very slow and they could move at normal speed.

Upon reaching the resurrection point I found the only fellow Calontiri was a young fighter named Ariel. She was very young then and didn’t have a lot of war experience. What her inexperienced eyes saw was the old war dog of Pavel standing ready to once more move into battle. She asked me if she could resurrect with me. Flattered, I, of course, said “You betcha!”

We moved out in our war tabards. A large hulking brute of an old warrior and a young, just blooded, warrior. We met a couple of small one and two fighter Eastern fighter groups that we quickly dispatched. Arial showed much skill in these small encounters, raising my assessment of her skill with each one.

Then we saw a column of about 120 Eastern troops. Sensing their fear, I yelled “CHARGE!” and waddled at the foe’s column. Ariel, being young and fast, quickly got in front of me with her shield. (I was fighting pole arm, this was before Syr Richard cut my hand off and the doctors put it back on.)

We hit the column almost dead center. It was about four fighters wide. Arial jumped the ditch and smashed into the two fighters in front of her, compressing their ranks. I jumped across the shallow ditch and landed right behind her. There was chaos.

“Calontir is attacking our flank!”

“Wheel! Wheel!”

I got three with my first swings! Ariel was swinging – a kill with every blow! We cleared a circle of dead within weapon’s reach! The foe knew they were in for a quick trip to the resurrection point!

Then we heard the fatal words….

“There are only two of them.”

There was a long, quiet pause. Then, the world fell on us. *Sigh*

Well, that’s the story of Ariel and myself almost wiping out the Eastern army.

Calontir Singing Recordings

Unknown Artist. Minstrels with a Rebec & a Lute.
13th c. Manasseh Codex. El Escorial, Madrid. Public domain in the US

For those in isolation, the voices of our Calontir family can be a balm. If anyone has online recordings they would like to share with the Kingdom, please send links to and we will post them.

In that spirit, we link to the CalonSound Project. While it has not been updated in a few years, it includes several Calontir standards.



Announcement: All Calontir Activities Canceled Through April 6

From Their Royal Majesties Calontir, Lucian II and Tamar Atia Albia Tamara

At this time, we have come to the conclusion that we will be suspending activity for the next 3 weeks extending through Monday April 6th.

This means all organized SCA activities events, meetings, and practices, in that time period will be cancelled.

Over the next weeks we will continue to meet with our Witan and Thiegns to find a short term path forward for all Calontiri, and how to properly ensure the selection of our heirs.

We are sorry that you feel in the dark. We share your worries for friends, family, and Calontir. We are all working for the best possible outcome.

This is what Calontir does. We take the job no one wants and we make the best of it. We sing under the weight of the shield wall. We dig in. We outlast. We are dauntless.

From Their Royal Highnesses: Seeking Applications for Additional Advocates

As many of you are aware, several new changes have been made to Calon Law, and we will be seeking to fill the positions of two new Advocates. We strongly encourage our entire populace to make themselves familiar with these changes at

The condensed information regarding the Advocate office is as follows:
-The Advocate office is now expanded to three officers, rather than one.
-Advocates will serve three year terms, with one officer rotating out each year.
-The Advocate office is now tasked with helping to investigate and arbitrate disputes between any members of the populace, not just in issues dealing with officers.

We are happy to hear from ALL members of the populace who would petition us for these positions. Because we wish them to be representative of the full variety of Calontir, all petitions will be seriously considered.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please email us at with a few sentences about why you think this office is important and how you can help serve the kingdom.

We hope to conduct interviews at Toys for Tots and Kris Kinder, but will also look at video conferencing and local meeting options for those who cannot make either event.

Tamar and Lucian

Memories of Master Eadweard Boicewright

Nearly a month ago, my lord husband told me that Master Eadweard Boicewright, one of my dearest mentors and friends, had passed away. He said that he had suffered a cardiac event.

It broke my heart.

Papa, as those who learned from him call him, was a pillar, not just in our kingdom, but in the Society at large. He was a keeper of our memories, he dispensed wisdom to kings and peasants, and he gave of himself whenever and where ever he saw a need, without any expectation of praise or reward.

The first time we met was at Valor, in 2011. I was mending a friend’s trousers when he sat down across from me at the table. We talked about my SCA name, about trouser seam stability (he told me how his trousers were split when he was called into court to receive a Calon Cross), and mundane things. In retrospect, I see now how he was sizing me up and getting a feel for the kind of person I am.

I guess he liked what he saw because a few months later, he sponsored me in my first Queen’s Prize Tournament and introduced me to Marcella (Mama), his lady wife. She taught me how to make cloth buttons, finger loop braid, lucet, and heddle weave.  It became a habit during my first year in the SCA: I’d go hang out in Papa’s wood wright shop and make tools then go upstairs and ask Mama to teach me how to use them.

Since I moved away, I’ve missed that bond and rapport. Not many people will drive twenty-thirty minutes to take a broke college student out for a nice lunch because she spent the bulk of her much-need Spring break bedridden with Strep Throat, but Papa did. Not many laurels would steer apprentices that could be stars in their belts toward other peers because they see how they could flourish in that relationship, but Papa did.

To be clear, Papa was not the sort of man who brandished his title. I still remember the grin that spread across his face when he finally told me he was a laurel and saw my face pale as I shrunk away a little. I was still new enough to have Peer Fear and had been talking easily  with him for over an hour at that point, so I was a more than a little intimidated. More importantly, though, what he said to me about being a laurel gave me the first inkling that it was something I could aspire towards. He told me that being a laurel meant being a teacher and teaching is something to which I have always been drawn. That seed has remained with me eight years later.

Papa was also one of the most insightful people I have ever known and the most honest. He was the man he always aspired to be, like the Kipling poem he was fond of quoting: a man who talked with crowds without losing his virtue and walked with kings without losing the common touch. I wasn’t done learning from him and I’ll always miss our talks.

Announcement: The New Event Volunteer Job Posting Page Is Now Live!

Gleaned from the Book of Faces:

Due to popular demand – the Web Team has created a new job posting dashboard for Event Stewards (etc.) to post upcoming volunteer jobs that are needed for upcoming events!

Volunteers are encouraged to peruse the dashboard and e-mail the contacts listed to help groups to be able to put on the best events they can! This is a great way to give back to your Kingdom with service!

To submit a job posting, go to: Event Job Posting Submission Form (

To view the dashboard, go here: Event Job Posting Dashboard (

Honorable Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea
Kingdom of Calontir Webminister


From Their Royal Majesties: Letters of Intent and Why We Fight

Unto the Chivalry, Huscarls, Fyrdmen, and Men at Arms of the Kingdom of Calontir, and unto those who inspire them to deeds of greatness,
Greetings, from Donngal, Fourth of that name, King of Calontir, and Catalina, Fierce Queen of the Heartlands.The deadline grows close for submitting letters of intent to contend to become Our heirs. Before that deadline passes, please consider our words:
Different Kingdoms have developed different traditions surrounding Crown Tournament:

Some Kingdoms allow anyone from the Known World to enter, whist others have held that only the Chivalry may enter without an express invitation from the Crown. Our Kingdom Laws reflect a desire, borne from our first days as a Kingdom, that nobody, Crown or common, should be able to influence the outcome, outside of the will of the combatants themselves, and our long-held tradition which states that you shouldn’t enter crown unless you’re there to win it; a pushback against the notion that crown is a good place to be seen by the chivalry.

We were reminded, today, by a good friend’s post from a far Kingdom, that every fighter in the list lends their renown to the eventual victor.

To that end, we ask each of you, fighter and consort, to search your hearts, and if you are ABLE to serve as Crown (as opposed to actively wanting it), then we beseech you, take up pen, then sword, and bring your renown to add to the glory of our eventual heirs, and to the history of our great Kingdom.
In Love and Service to the Crown & Kingdom
]|)onngal & Catalina


Kingdom of Calontir Map Updated

Rescued from Facebook:

The Kingdom of Calontir map has been updated.

The creator of the map is Sir Gustav Jameson.

Also contributing to the map was Sir Stefan MacIntyre who pulled together the KML data, Sir Brendan Mac an tSaoir who helped with data scrubbing and Sayyidi Umm Ya’kub Rayya al-Zahra’ bint Fath al-Badawiyya who contributed the original draft.

Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea