Bored Calontiri are Dangerous Calontiri: Dance Video Edition

In the spirit of making our own fun, two dance video challenges are being posted on Facebook. The challenges are based on this video that the Midrealm posted earlier:

Both ask that Calontiri video themselves, in garb and/or armor, and send the resulting video to an editor to combine into a group video for all to see.

One challenge, posted by Lady Æsa Jarnauga, request folks video themselves dancing to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This:

“It can be the whole dance or just a part of it. Make sure your video is in landscape format and that i can hear the music (even just barely) so i can match it! Get your video’s sent by the 18th and include your SCA name! You don’t have to have armor, just garb! PM or email video to


The second challenge is from Lady Quiteria la Roja:

“After much talking, debating, and much giggling, we would like to present to you our challenge to make a video of yourselves dancing to Cha Cha Slide (the dance moves are literally the song so anybody can follow!) and sending that video via phone, computer, or whatever method works best for you, to Master Conrad Martin von Kassel ( ) by 4/19/2020 so that he might work a little magic for us all!

So don your favorite garb, armor, or both and remember, above all, this is meant to be fun! We may not be able to be together physically, but we will always be together as the family that is Calontir in spirit.

We need everybody to use this video (see below) and allow at least 5 seconds at the beginning before the dance in the recording. Please make sure you can hear the audio in the recording so that he can work his magic.