Announcements: RUSH Presents: Collegia Calontiris

Bookcases in the library of the University of Leiden, 1610

From Honorable Lord Saito Takauji comes this news:

Ohayo gozaimasu, Calontir! Some very exciting news from myself and the RUSH Chancellor, Lady Quiteria la Roja

With permission from Their Royal Majesties, we will be holding an official online event on 12/5/2020.

RUSH Presents: Collegia Calontiris is a day dedicated to all the arts and sciences, and the chance for Calontir to once more come together even during the darkest times and find strength in our community.

We need students, and we need teachers (because it would otherwise not be much of an event). Please follow this fine and elegantly crafted link to the event, where you can find a similarly artisanal link to the instructor signup up form!

A Zoom meeting will form the main room and main classroom. We have a generous offer from Count Volkmar Katzbalger  for a second classroom; and teachers can also use an “off site” classroom such as FB life, Twitch, or their own zoom.

Please join us for a day of arts, sciences, and togetherness on the 5th of December!

RUSH Presents: Collegia Calontiris! An online event to be held on December 5, 2020, in the virtual lands of the Barony of Mag Mor.

Classes of all kinds welcome! We have slots from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Event Steward: THL Saito Takauji (
RUSH Chancellor: Lady Quiteria la Roja
Scheduler: Lady Lelia Corsini

All classes to be conducted online.