22nd Annual Bobbin & Weaving, 2019

Man weaving on a loom, circa 1425. Public domain in the US

When:  March, Friday 22nd, (after work hours), Saturday 23rd, & Sunday 24th

Where:  ‘Aine nic Taillieur’s Manor
It’s that time of year again. This is our 22nd year! This year we need a bit of preface. Bobbin & Weaving began as an Estrella pity party all those years ago. Estrella is no longer as important in this Kingdom as it once was. Because of that, our Kingdom moved Queen’s Prize Tourney to our traditional weekend. We thought of making B&W a Gulf War pity party but many who attend Gulf, who also love B&W, asked us not to. When we chose our new date, there was no other event on the date we chose. Now there is. Unfortunately, there is no other free date available this spring on which all of the organizers are free. I’m very sorry if you won’t be able to come because of that. We will understand.
Also, this could be our last year. ‘Aine and Lenny are building a much smaller abode in Atchison. When B&W attendance reached 21, it outgrew my house. When it reached 35, it outgrew Lasair’s house. We have comfortably hosted 65+ people at ‘Aine’s but when they move, next year or the year after, unless we find a public space that will allow “sleep overs”, or we limit attendance, I’m afraid B&W will be a thing of the past.
All of that being said, for this year, bring your latest project and join us for a weekend of fun and camaraderie. As many of you know, ‘Aine has had a challenging 2 years of health issues, is recovering well and wants to continue to provide space for our annual retreat. We may have to insist that she sit down more often. We can care for her this year instead of the other way around. There will be a cash jar on the table to help defray ‘Aine and Lenny’s out of pocket expenses for paper products, coffee, condiments and any other expenses incurred by having so many of us in their home. Please consider contributing.
A number of people have offered to teach just about anything you might like to learn, such as bobbin lace, kumihimo, tablet weaving, pick-up inkle weaving, netting, spinning, needle felting, felting, knitting, nalbinding, sprang, etc. We don’t normally schedule formal classes but contact me johannefishergate@gmail.com ahead of time so I can let people know if you want a particular class or for info on supplies you might need. Also contact me if there is something YOU would like to teach so I can let people know. ‘Aine has a huge sewing/craft room, so if you would like to bring your sewing machine and work on garb, there will be space. As people contact me with things they would like to learn, or to teach, I will be sending out updates.
Mistress Dorcas is usually there with her heraldic tools and books at your disposal. You can work up a new name, device or badge that weekend and hand the finished submissions to Dorcas to be mailed for registration.
We have a wonderful time sharing, visiting and getting to know each other better. If you do anything involving string, fabric, fiber or fiber techniques in any form, this is the place for you. If you have projects in the works for Kingdom A&S, bring them to work on. Lasair will have her merchant booth set up with a wealth of fiber goodies. Garren is usually there with his beautiful inkle/tablet weaving looms, fabric stamps and fiber tools for sale.
Friday night we, visit and settle in. Saturday is spent visiting, taking or giving classes, working on projects or swimming . . . yes, swimming. ‘Aine has an indoor pool, so bring your suits and towels. There is also an elevator for those of us who are stair challenged. We have a pot luck Saturday evening, and more work and visiting. Sunday we usually make a run to Yarn Barn, weather permitting, and have lunch in Lawrence, KS. You are welcome to come all weekend or just one day.
There are ample kitchen facilities and refrigeration. Bring your own snacks and drinks and something for the potluck on Saturday. We never coordinate it and it is always exceptional.
Garb is optional. Many of us spend the day in our pajamas. Many wear modern clothes. Wear what you are most comfortable in. There is no dress code
This part doesn’t apply to day trippers. There is space for sleeping but, due to fire codes, the space will be a bit more limited than in the past on a first reply, first served basis. However, Lasair has offered to provide crash space for the overflow. Many of you have been to Lasair’s house. We held Bobbin & Weaving there for three years after it outgrew my house. When requesting sleeping space, please copy me johannefishergate@gmail.com AND ‘Aine annette.public@barkergang.us so we can stay coordinated.
Unfortunately, a number of movies were misplaced the last few years and never showed up again, so the theater will not be open. Those of you who usually plan to sleep there will not be able to. I will send out a list of the people who have already replied to either ‘Aine or myself. Please respond if your plans have changed or if we somehow missed you. Some of us will be bunking in the huge, heated garage. Whichever place you sleep, you will need to bring your own sleeping gear. There are also motels close by. If anyone wants motel info, please let me know.
There will be plenty of table space and chairs, but if you want to be assured of comfort, bring your favorite portable chair.
For those of you with allergies, there are no indoor animals (unless you count the occasional bunnies who come as guests). If I have forgotten anything, which isn’t uncommon these days, just contact me.
The estate gate closes at midnight. If you will be arriving after that time, Friday night, please call to let us know.
Hope to see many of you there,
The Grain Valley exits are about 25 miles East of Kansas City.
The Phone Number for Johanne’s cell, 816-645-6460
The Phone Number for Aine’s cell, 816-223-9907
From I-70:  Exit at the Grain Valley exit, Buckner Tarsney Road (about the 24.5 mile marker). Turn South and go about 3.5 miles. Then Turn left on to Nebgen (the right turn says Major). Go about one block then turn right (this will be Corn). Go about 1/2 mile. The driveway is on the left. White fence, numbers on the post You will not be able to see the house from the road.
From 50 Highway:  Exit at the Grain Valley exit Buckner Tarsney Road (between the exits for Blue Springs and Oak Grove). Go North about 8.5 miles then turn right onto Nebgen (the left turn says Major). Go about one block then turn right (this will be Corn). Go about 1/2 mile. The driveway is on the left, white fence, numbers on the post. You will not be able to see the house from the road.

Post expires at 4:57pm on Monday March 25th, 2019

Clothiers’ “Walk Through History” Online Signup Available.

The Walk Through History at Clothiers’ is a very popular event. Newcomers can get an overview of clothing styles from throughout Period, and oldtimers can get new ideas.

This year the event stewards for Clothiers’ Seminar have made participating in the Walk Through History even easier. You can sign up in advance at  https://shirecai.calontir.org/2019-walk-through-history-sign-up/

Post expires at 12:07pm on Saturday February 2nd, 2019

Theme for Clothiers’ Display, and Call for Instructors.

The theme for this year’s display at Clothiers Seminar will be heraldic garb! Please contact me if you have some heraldic garb you would like to have displayed, and a bit about where and when it would have been worn!

Also we are still recruiting instructors! Please visit https://shirecai.calontir.org/clothiers-2019-class-sign-up/

Mistress Giraude Benet
Jill Sibley
No calls after 9pm, please

Post expires at 11:11am on Saturday February 2nd, 2019

Queen’s Prize Tournament (Note Site Change)

Event:  Kingdom QPT 2019

Date:  February 9, 2019

Location (Please note this is a new location): 
First Christian Church
927 Faraon St
St Joseph, MO 64501

$ 15.00 Adult Event Registration
$ 10.00 Adult Member Discount Registration
$ 5.00 Youth (12 – 17)
Under 12 are free
Family Cap: $40 / $30 (with Adult Member Discount)

This is an E-pay Event.
Make Checks Payable to:  SCA Inc.-Shire of Lost Moor

Site opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. (Times may change)

Site is discretely wet for display and judging There will be an Inn provided by the site.

Event Steward:
Lord Halldór Skaptason (Robert Akey)
(816) 689-1582

Schedules and additional information can be found on the official event site:

Directions to Site:
From the North or South take your best route to Highway I229 North
or South.

If from the South (i.e. north bound) exit at Edmond St, and proceed east to 10th
St. Turn left and go north,

If from the North (i.e. south bound) exit at Felix, Proceed east
to 10th St. turn left and go north. The Site is located at the corner of 10 th and Faraon.

There is limited parking on the north side of the church, there is some handicap parking
across the street. Additional parking is at a city parking structure at 9 th and Felix
(between 9 th and 8 th St.).

Games! Chicanery! History!

Alfonso X “El Sabio” and his Court, 13th Century. Public domain in the US.

Unto the populace of Calontir, on behalf of Their Highnesses, I, Count Marius Lucian Fidelis, send word.

At the Coronation feast to be held III days before the Ides of Janus (January 12, 2019) there will be a game of wit and memory.

Some might call the ability to remember places and dates Trivial! I say having a strong grasp of history prepares us for the future.

Form your teams, purchase your feast tickets. And while we feast we will test our knowledge of the history, both mundane and societal.

The game will consist of 2 rounds of 10 questions, for best advantage build your teams with a broad range of mundane and society knowledge.

The ability to pre-purchase feast tickets is forthcoming. In the mean time, assemble your teams and be prepared to purchase tickets at gate.

Long live the King!


Playing with Fire at Horse and Falcons — Moved to Laurel Holler! (AKA The Bull Woods)


Due to changes after the flyer went to the Mews, the location for Playing with Fire at Horse and Falcons is not correct in the flyer:

Playing with Fire will be in Laurel Holler (AKA The Bull Woods), across from showers. See the map below.

The donation in, on both Saturday and Sunday, will be located just outside the Holler, and will run from Noon until the food runs out.

Mathurin Kerbusso, Pyrosteward