In Memoriam – Baroness Finola O’Clary

From the Kingdom Facebook page:

Baroness Finola O’Clary, Fyrd Mom


Departed this life on April 15, 2021, 7:40pm

She was kept in the greatest possible comfort and was peacefully asleep when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge; two nurses were in attendance and have both attested that the passing was such as one would hope for.

For obvious reasons there will not be a big public funeral at this time. In lieu of flowers persons who wish to make a tribute are welcomed to donate to the IV Company that Finola founded, or to do something in her honor: feed the hungry, clothe the garbless, welcome the newbie. In due season there will be some sort of wake. Details will have to wait for events to start up again in earnest.

Baroness Finola is survived by her daughter Colonel Jenna of Southwind, her son Rick the Rocket Scientist, his beautiful bride Lenny, and the grandson Christopher Scientistson.

(Although the Otherworld is said to have no time, at this moment Finola is probably still buried under a pile of dogs.)

Sing Non Nobis!