Announcement: In Person Fighting at Local Meetings and Events

Gleaned from Facebook:


The Light at the end of the tunnel continues to brighten and so we are able to bring you more good news.

Across the Kingdom, vaccination rates continue to rise, and pandemic infection rates continue to fall. You have all shown us great enthusiasm for in person local meetings, and even greater restraint in following the restriction for those meetings. We cannot thank you enough for that.

Because of these things, we are pleased to announce that, starting May 15th 2021 We can allow fighting, Steel, Rattan, Youth and Equestrian, to begin again at local meetings and events.

These activities are still subject to the previous restrictions applied by Local, State, and Federal authorities, as well as the SCA Board of directors, and Ourselves. Masking rules must be followed on the field as well as off, and masks must be worn directly on the fighter’s face, not placed on the helmet. When not fighting, an appropriate distance should be kept between fighters. Food and drink rules will apply as well, which means water bearing will still not be allowed, so please make your own arrangements for refreshment and remember to distance appropriately when eating or drinking.

Trevor B Payne, our Kingdom Earl Marshall will have some additional information and advice in the next few days.

We know that some of these restrictions seem onerous, but I recall with fond memories wearing a mask in my own helm to storm the dry sands of Estrella war for hours each day. Fighting not only our foemen but the very air in the pursuit of victory and the clash of arms. Calontiri do not back down from a challenge.

Events start to appear on our Kingdom Calendar, word of further event planning is coming to us, and we can barely contain our excitement. I for one cannot wait for the opportunity to meet you on fields of honor once again.

TRM Lucian and Tamar