From The Society Seneschal, Regarding The Newcomer Token Issue

This originally appeared on the Calontir Facebook Group

Hiya all. I wanted to give a shout out regarding the stellar work your kingdom seneschal is doing. It has been a pleasure working with him. I wanted to appologize for the confusion regarding your kingdom’s excellent idea re Guest Passes. Back in July 2013 I gave the KingSen the go ahead. Then in mid Feb 2014 at the Seneschal’s & Exchequer’s Symposium based on a group discussion with the assembled Kingdom Echequers there were some concerns regarding inurement and if this could effect the SCA’s tax exempt status. At Gulf Warsthis last March the SocExch and I worked out a plan to make a version of a guest pass program doable. I will be presenting it to the Board this week at the in person board meeting. Thanks for your patience.
Best wishes,

Sir Modius, OL, OP, WSA, Baron, Lion
Society Seneschal

TRMs Address Newcomers Token Controversy, State “We believe apologies are in order”

TRM Calontir, Martino and Ariel, have posted a missive titled Regarding Newcomers Tokens to the website.

In it They state that the Kingdom had initiated the Newcomers Tokens with the express permission of the Society Seneschal. They further state that the first notice anyone in Calontir had of the Society Exchequer’s ruling disallowing such tokens was emails from the Society Exchequer sent after the tokens were already in circulation; official publication of the Society Exchequer’s ruling was not issued until April 4, 2014.

Their Majesties go on to say:

We are, quite simply, trying to restore the good name of Our officers and Calontir. Our kingdom officers are true and dedicated servants of the kingdom and the Society. We are very displeased that they should be treated poorly in a public forum by those who did not have all the information before they made accusations and condemnations. We believe apologies are in order.

Please be sure to read Their Majesties’ full Missive at the website.