Thrown Weapons Marshal’s Report for Spring Fling in Lonely Tower

Thrown Weapons Inter-kingdom Challenge TWIC scores

for Spring Fling in Lonely Tower of Calontir, 3 May 2014.

Knives: Close / Medium / Long / Total

Lief of Crescent Moon (Brett Wilson) 11 3 1 15

Axes: Close / Medium / Long / Total

Jethro Stille (Russell Weisfield) 7 4 0 11

The Aidon (James Mske……) 0 5 0 5

Maren (Maria Tila) 0 3 0 3

Lief of Crescent Moon (Brett Wilson) 12 8 2 22

Spears: Close / Medium / Long / Total

The Aidon (James Mske……) 0 0 1 1

Maren (Maria Tila) 4 0 1 5

Lief of Crescent Moon (Brett Wilson) 7 1 1 9

I request the kind ministrations of the Deputy Archer General for Thrown Weapons, M’Lady Juliana MacNayre, and M’Lady Alessandra de Piro in posting these scores to the TWIC scoring site. To all throwers I apologize for the malfunctioning quill used to record the scores, and for the subsequent mis-spellings. Mea maxima culpa. I have a scanned copy of the original score sheet which may be sent to anyone upon request.

Congratulations to Lord Lief of Crescent Moon, the best thrower at the event.

A total of eighteen throwers used the range on Saturday. There were no reportable incidents.

Your servant,

James of Odo, Fidelibus

Range Marshal for Thrown Weapons

Spring Fling in Lonely Tower

Canine activities at Spring Fling

Master Gerald Goodwine posted this to the Calontir List:

New! Canine Activities, please feel free to bring your dog and join in the fun…so long as they play and work well with others…


It will be a day jam packed full of ideas. The overall mindset will be to get out and start training your dog with a finger pointing to a period direction. Schedule changes for court times and class additions. We may have an opportunity at Cattle Raids (Aug.) at the same site.

  • 9:30 Meet and greet.
  • 10:00 Weight pull harness making: Early in the day so people could multitask/work on harness for the weight pull class. I will have all the materials needed. I will have harnesses but not guaranteed to fit your dog. Suggested reading: [J&B Whips – Fouets, Attelage et Tradition] Types of Cart Dog Harnesses in North America and… and Newfoundland Club of America: Draft Equipment Guide
  • 11:00 General tips on obedience and training, tricks,adopting a dog.
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 1:00 Agility / teaching your dog to do jumps, tunnels and what not.
  • 2:00 Lure chasing
  • 3:00 weight / sled pulling
  • 4:00 meeting

See Spring Fling event flier for other important details regarding animal restrictions.

Spring Fling
May 2 at 5:00pm until May 4 at 12:00pm
Site: Cass County Fairgrounds
144th St and Rte 1, Weeping Water, NE