Fyrdracca Shoot!

Have you ever wanted to shoot from a Viking longboat? Now you can! The Bee Hive Five, and the crew of the Fyrdraca, have joined forces to bring you this unique opportunity to do something exciting while raising funds for two worthy causes. The cost is $30 (cash only please), and the proceeds will be split evenly between the Fyrdraca Preservation fund and the Lilies Archery fund. The boat will take 15 archers per raiding party, on a maximum of 4 voyages. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served, basis. Inquiries about ticket sales may be made to the following people at events between now and Lilies:

Lady Alessandra de Piro
Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury
Lady Emeline de Moulineaux
Mistress Rahil al-Sirhaan
Sir Robert Brockman