Lilies War 28 Feedback Survey — One Week Left

If you went to Lilies War this year, the Lilies Committee, Event Stewards, and Staff would appreciate your feedback. The survey will be up for one more week, and is at:

If you didn’t attend Lilies 28, look for another survey in the coming months. This one will be for everyone who in interested in shaping the future of Lilies War.

Champagne Players Celebration at Lilies

Good people of Calontir and all welcome visitors to the War of the Lillies! Over the past years, the Champagne Players have delighted to entertain you with our shows.

This year, we have elected to take a break to rejuvenate our creative muses, and we intend to reignite the flame of ridicule anon!

We humbly thank you for your patronage, and invite you to join us in celebration for our efforts on Monday night after dark, at the Permanent Pavilion located at the end of the Long March Road, on the East side of camp. Note: the schedule currently says 3 Rivers Players. Talk about your scene stealing…

We offer drink to quench your thirst, both adult and juvenile (as our humor). If you plan to partake of our adult beverages, please BRING YOUR IDs. A representative will be able to check and mark you with our super-secret glyph so you may continue to partake without hassle. No one shall receive adult beverages without this mark.

We shall have food! Our favorite furniture-depicteur, Martin Vulliet, will have delictable treats for consumption!
We offer gaming tables to test your luck and skill! Have nothing to bet? Lady Coquette of Northshield has graciously made starter bundles of baubles to get you started on your campaign of winning everyone else’s stuff!

We shall also hopefully have music to listen and dance to – drummers, please join us!
Should you have any further questions, please ask me, Lord Logan Munro, aka the guy in charge of waking you with news this week!

Chivalry Social at Lilies

Chivalry Social
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Do you ever ask yourself…

  • How does he throw that shot?
  • How can I get more spear kills?
  • Why do I keep getting hit in the ____?
  • How I can I fight, win and act in an honorable and chivalric manner?

When : Sunday June 15

  • 10:30 (following morning court) One on one instruction with the knights of the known world
  • 12:30 Broken field battle, practical application of skills learned, unlimited res. No weapons restriction. Instructional field stays open for the duration

Who: Fighters of ALL skill levels

Where: battle field

On the first Sunday the Order of the Chivalry is dedicating themselves to helping you improve your fighting. Starting with one-on-one instruction, you can train the skill of your choice with the Chiv of your choice. Follow that up with some direct application in an unlimited resurrection battle, or keep participating in one-on-one training.

It’s your call on what you want. Looking for some pointers on your stance? Want some help with other parts of your fighting? Or do you want to go a few rounds of “A-Game” with Duke Speedy McThunderStick? Do you just want to wait a bit and jump in the unlimited resurrection battle and bash around with your friends? The chivalry will stay out there as long as someone wants to keep fighting and learning!

For Lilies War ACCEPS Registrants

HE Issabell St. Charles wishes to remind those who have registered for Lilies War through ACCEPS that all gate forms will be pre-printed and at gate.

You will need to provide:

  • Your personal ID, and
  • Your SCA membership card if you are registering as a member

Please be sure to have these items ready when you gate in to make the process as smooth as possible.

Youth Fundraiser at Horse and Falcon, Donations for Lilies War

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the Youth Fundraiser at Horse and Falcon. Monies were raised and will be used for Youth and Teen activities!

Second for those who promised to help or provide supplies for Lilies Youth and Teen activities– thank you. We cannot provide meaningful activities without your support!

Third, for those who would like to contribute and are unsure how to help, here are some suggestions:

  • Packages of cookies.
  • Sturdy shoe boxes or photo boxes.
  • Packages of hot dogs, bags of chips, 2 liter bottles of pop, containers of Gatorade, or packages of glow sticks.

If you could purchase and donate one or two of these items and let us know prior to Lilies that it will be there then we can spend the money raised on other supplies. Drop your donations off at the Youth Tent, and please include a little note.

Please understand that all gestures of support are appreciated, and with everyone helping it does not burden any one person.

Thank you on behalf of the youth and teens!

Lady Apple

Changed Troll Times for the War of the Lilies

Greetings Calontir!

We wanted to inform you that the Lilies Committee has decided to change troll times for the war this year. Troll will be open every full day of the war from 8am to 10pm.

The first Friday of the war, pre-troll will open at noon with the gate opening at 3pm. Please remember you cannot park on the road outside the park at any time or you will be issued a federal ticket by the authorities. The park gate will open at 8am allowing you to pull into the Lilies parking lot to wait.

Please also remember ACCEPS pre-registration is now open for the war! Go to for a link to the ACCEPS page. Pre-Registration will be available until May 30th.

In Service,
Winnifred & Tatiana
Your Lilies Event Stewards