Duncan of Skeene’s Knighting Scroll

Done on the Lilies battlefield

In building of architect grand
This universe where we stand
Hear the song of Duncan proud
Sharpest of tongue all avowed
As brave as the Widow’s Son
His deeds bright beneath the Sun
He stood at Crossroads of fate
Standing guard at Phaedra’s Gate
In hills near the lynn of Skeene
His axe gleamed with war-dew’s sheen
Level were all he has met
Yet all remain in his debt
From gifts both given and shared
He parted all on the square
Smallest of his warproud kin
He yearned for war to begin
With spear, axe and now his sword
Served every Calon lord
Stood with joy at Phaedra’s side
Whose violence never denied
Helped Lucian with spear so tall
Build with blood the highest wall
Honored by the blackest star
For fames and friends gained afar
Now Martino the heartland’s king
Of whose deeds the falcons sing
And Ariel his valiant queen
Bearing sword with brightest gleam
Hear the plea of sharpest friends
Who stand near crown to attend
And say it is truly right
That you make Duncan a knight
With wisdom bright all can see
They now make this proud decree
Where blood watered lilies tall
Where kinfolk assembled all
On XIXth day in wildest June
Under light of quarter moon
In the XXXIIIrd year since
Ternon became falcon prince
That with chain of purest gold
And belt of white to behold
Spurs now to adorn his heels
Signs to proclaim his ordeals
Ever shall he knight be called
Duncan of Skeene now installed
So say all for charity
Forever, so mote it be