Pennsic Registration


TRH Agamemnon & Gwen will be traveling to the Debatable Lands in the far East soon and would be grateful for any who would be able to make the trip to Pennsic!

If you missed the pre-registration deadline, you can still pre-register (unpaid), which won’t get us more camping space, but will save you from having to carry that much more cash with you!

You HAVE to contact Baroness B’lanna if you are planning on camping with Calontir. She has to have your tent dimensions, the number of people in your tent and your arrival time! Email her at baroness_belanna@ATT.NET

Get yourself on the muster list! Check out for more details!

Lastly, Calontir court will be at 7pm on Thursday of war week, and the Calontir party will begin at about 9pm.

Duchess Phaedra
Chamberlain, TRH Calontir, Agamemnon & Gwen