Gryphon’s Fest Archery and Thrown Weapons Schedule

Harvested from Facebook:


9:30am – Open Practice

10 am – Hoard the Dragon’s Coins Shoot by Lady Emeline – Try to hoard to as many coins as possible by shooting other peoples’ coins

11am – Team Challenge Shoot by Lord Franz – Teams of 2 will try to best the Three Rivers Team

12 – 1pm – LUNCH BREAK

1pm – Popin-phoenix (formerly known as popinjay) Shoot by Lord Franz – Spinning 3D shoot to hit the phoenix and its minions (balloons)

2pm – Knock Down The Hydra by Lady Emeline – Stop the threatening hydra by hitting knock-down targets

3pm – Stop the Beasts – Hit both flat and 3D targets of demobison and other mythical creatures

Children are welcome to join in any shoot. If they are 13 or younger, a parent must accompany the child to the shoot and be on the line while the child is shooting.

Thrown Weapons will include axes, knives, and spears. One must wear open-toed shoes to play! Lady Hanne will be hosting a competition at 11am. Otherwise, the thrown weapons range will be open as long as a Marshal is available, and at the Marshal’s discretion. There will be loaner equipment to share. Minors 14 years and younger are not eligible to do thrown weapons.