Information Summary for Gryphon’s Fest 2014: The Noble Beasts of Calontir

From the Kingdom of Calontir page on Facebook:

For the event page information please see:

However, several bits of information regarding the event have been posted, so here’s what’s happening THIS weekend at Gryphon’s Fest!:


9:30am – Open Practice
10 am – Hoard the Dragon’s Coins Shoot by Lady Emeline – Try to hoard to as many coins as possible by shooting other peoples’ coins
11am – Team Challenge Shoot by Lord Franz – Teams of 2 will try to best the Three Rivers Team
12 – 1pm – LUNCH BREAK
1pm – Popin-phoenix (formerly known as popinjay) Shoot by Lord Franz – Spinning 3D shoot to hit the phoenix and its minions (balloons)
2pm – Knock Down The Hydra by Lady Emeline – Stop the threatening hydra by hitting knock-down targets
3pm – Stop the Beasts – Hit both flat and 3D targets of demobison and other mythical creatures
Children are welcome to join in any shoot. If they are 13 or younger, a parent must accompany the child to the shoot and be on the line while the child is shooting.
Thrown Weapons will include axes, knives, and spears. One must wear closed-toed shoes to play! Lady Hanne will be hosting a competition at 11am. Otherwise, the thrown weapons range will be open as long as a Marshal is available, and at the Marshal’s discretion. There will be loaner equipment to share. Minors 14 years and younger are not eligible to do thrown weapons.

NOTE: All classes will be held under the BDT and Herald’s Tent behind the fort. Any changes to location will be announced via voice herald on site or at the master schedule at the gate.

All activities are scheduled for Saturday, September 27.
10AM: 12th Century Clothing of al-Andalus by Countess Catalina de Arazuri – A survey of Andalusion clothing of the 12th century with a focus on the Durra’ and Qamisa. Bring a pen and paper to take notes! (1 hour)
10AM: Loop in Loop Chain Making by HL Luckie of Falcon’s Keep & HL Isengrim Sleggja – A hands-on class with coverage of the history of loop in loop chains. Students will learn how to make a fine silver-fused loop in loop chain. Class fee will be based on amount of silver used and length of chain (expect a $10 minimum fee). If students have pliers or awls, please consider bringing them. Class Limit: 8 (2 hours)
11AM: Classical Persian Dance by Countess Catalina de Arazuri – A series of poses, foot patterns and hand movements. It is a fluid yet rhythmic dance that emphasizes the use of hands and wrists. Wear comfortable clothing! (1 hour)
12PM: Lunch hour
1PM: Things That Go Bump In the Night: Beasts and Monsters of the Middle Ages by Lady Pádraigín an Ein i gh – A study of the fabled (and possibly not-so-fictitious) beasts and monsters of the Middle Ages. (1 hour)
2PM: What’s That Beast Doing On Your Banner? by Mistress Dorcas Whitecap – A study of beasts in heraldry! Expect lots of pictures of beasts doing lots of things. (1 hour)
2PM: Youth Mosaics by HL Luckie of Falcon’s Keep – A hands-on class where youth will get to pick out squares of coloured glass, design a mosaic pattern, and grout/cement them to a board to take home. Please wear clothes that don’t mind muss and fuss (and modest amounts of destruction). Class fee $5. Ages 6 and up! (2 hours)
3PM: A Guide to Fourteenth Century Clothing for the non-Mafioso by Lady Rosalie Langmod – An introductory class on achieving fourteenth century aesthetic. This includes patterns and retail resources for non-costumers! (1 hour)

Post-Feast: Origins and Uses of Tarot Cards by Raganheidr Refsdottir – This class will cover the development of trick-taking card games in the 15th and 16th centuries. There will be handouts, then games with replicas of period decks. (2 hours)

All day activities:

Preprint Painting Extravaganza – Join Lady Quiteria la Roja and the rest of the painters of Calontir in preparing a flurry of scrolls for Their Royal Majesties, who should not want for works of beauty to present to Their populace. Expect paint everywhere, non-period tables, and a full day of colorful activities!

Menu for “12th Night a la Rus” (dependent on budgeting constraints):

1st Course
… Shchi / Cabbage Soup
… Pyroshki s Govyadinoy (Belyashi) / Pastry with Meat Filling
… Pyroshki s Morkov’yu / Pastry with Carrot Filling
2nd Course
… Kurnik / Chicken Pie
… Vatroushki / Cheese Pie
… Gribi Zjariniye / Mushrooms Fried in Butter
… Soleniye Ogurtzi / Cucumber Pickles
3rd Course
… Boujenina s Hrienom / Ham Cooked in Beer with Horseradish Sauce
… Chornee klebph s Tvorag / Black Bread with Farmer’s Cheese
… Vzbityye Repa / Creamed Turnips
… Marinovanaya Svekla / Marinated Beets
4th Course
… Sirniki / Cottage Cheese Cakes w/ Sour Cream and Elderberry Preserves
… Marinovanaya Yabloki i Grushi / Fruit (Apples and Pears) Preserved in Syrup
… Yablochnyy Sok/ Apple Juice
… Sbiten / Spiced Honey Drink
… Voda / Water

From: The cooks and servers, chefs and scullions, pot-stirrers and vegetable choppers of The Rising Falcon, Inn Cognito, and the Gryphon’s Fest Feast Kitchen.

TO: All bards and skalds, storytellers and singers, poets and performers who will be attending Gryphon’s Fest:

Greetings, all!
We who are “bound to the kitchen” would like to extend an invitation to any and all entertainers and performers to come by, at any time during the day, and grace us with your skills! Lighten our work with your artistry. In exchange for which, we will provide beverages of your choice, and perhaps snacks (almost certainly snacks….definitely snacks)….
Come, and make the cooks laugh. I’m certain that laughing cooks make better food!

Fiondel, and all the cook-folk


As always, pets are welcomed on site as long as they are leashed and well-behaved. We ask owners take steps to clean up after their pets as well.
This policy extends to crossbows, ground fires, and spouses.
The leash is metaphorical in the latter cases.
Thank you,


1.) All fires MUST have an associated fire extinguisher. This is not to put out your own fire, but to chase to the one that’s getting away. Hopefully, none will escape.
2.) No smoking in any public building, tent, or area that has not been designated with a ‘Smoking’ sign. There will be cans to deposit used butts. Your own private tent and camp area is exempt from this rule.
3.) No swimming in the ponds. Snakes are people too!
4.) No playing in the parking area. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. Violation of this rule may result in ejection from the event.
5.) No unaccompanied minors (under 18) in the parking area after dark. Minors may be unaccompanied in the parking area during the daylight if and ONLY if they are being actively monitored by a parent or assigned and notified adult. There will be a test later, I guarantee it.
6.) Please stay out of all unauthorized areas. These will be marked.
7.) As always, federal, state, and Society rules at events do still apply.

Thank you for your attention,