Urgent advice to all Victorian participants and those planning to travel to the State of Victoria (Australia)

Urgent advice to all Victorian SCA participants and those planning to travel to the State of Victoria: Due to changes in the Victorian Control of Weapons Act 1990, effective immediately, a restriction has been placed on members of SCA Ltd in Victoria, who are new members since the 5th of June 2014.

These members must not handle or acquire metal weapons, including swords, dress swords, rapier, flails, maces or throwing blades. This does not include rattan weapons.

New members who reside in Victoria and intend to handle or acquire such weapons must complete a Statutory Declaration stating that they are not a prohibited person under the Victorian Control of Weapons Act 1990. This is a requirement of the Victorian State Government.

The restriction for new members will be lifted once they receive a confirmation of receipt of declaration or permit via email from the Registrar.

This will eventually affect all members of SCA Ltd, who live in or plan to travel to Victoria.  These members will also need to send a Statutory Declaration to the Registrar, although members prior to the 5th of June 2014 are not currently restricted from acquiring, using or carrying metal weapons, including swords, rapiers, flails, maces or throwing blades in Victoria during the phase-in period. This includes those in Royal or Baronial Households who may be required to handle ceremonial weapons.

The Statutory Declaration and Application form for this exemption can be found at http://sca.org.au/board/documents/policy/weapons, and needs to have details completed and to be signed and witnessed, as per the attachment to the document. The application form and  declaration (Pages 1 & 2) must be posted to the SCA Ltd Registrar.

Overseas members who intend to undertake travel in Victoria in the near future, please contact secretary@sca.org.au for further information relating to this issue.

Donna Page

Please ensure that this information is forwarded to all lists and communication channels within your group.