Podcast with Mounted Combat Instructor

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

Gleaned from the Calonlist:

If you are unfamiliar with Guy Windsor, he is a noted instructor in historical martial arts. He has started a podcast during the pandemic, and this episode (https://bit.ly/3fNz4yB) is with Jennifer Landels, a mounted combat instructor near Vancouver, BC.

I thought the equestrians might like to be informed…

Announcement: Armored Combat with Rebated (Steel) Blades

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

Yesterday’s meeting of the SCA’s Board of Directors meeting approved the addition of “Armored Combat with Rebated (Steel) Blades” to the Marshal’s Handbook. This activity will allow the Society to explore more fully the art of armored combat, using simulators very like the swords used in our period of study. The inclusion of steel fighting in armor is the culmination of eighteen months of hard work and experimentation. Steel combat in the SCA is tournament only, uses only single and two-hand swords, no thrusting, and aims to explore multiple different tournament formats as well as judged blows.

If you’d like to know more about this, check out section IX of the freshly updated Marshal’s Handbook, the SCA Steel Experiment Facebook page – or you can have a look at this YouTube video, which gives a good introduction and shows the fighting form as it was practiced last fall in Aethelmearc.

Here are the links:

Link to Marshal’s Handbook: https://www.sca.org/marshal_handbook/

Link to YouTube video: https://youtu.be/ZW9T-3Mu-Pw

Link to the Steel Experiment Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SCA-Steel-Fighting-Experiment-2248270048818486/

Master Alan Gravesend
Marshal of the Society

Announcements: RFC – Proposed Corpora changes related to the office of the Society Marshal – 09/01/2020

Men harvesting wheat, Queen Mary’s Psalter, circa 1310. Public domain in the US

The Board of Directors is currently requesting commentary regarding a number of proposed changes to Corpora that relate to the office of the Society Marshal.  Those proposed changes, and the reasoning for same, are outlined in the document here: RFC – Proposed Corpora changes related to the office of the Society Marshal – 09/01/2020

Commentary may be emailed to comments@sca.org.

Please use the title “Corpora – Marshal’s Office ” in the subject line. Failure to use this subject line may cause your commentary to be misdirected.

In lieu of email, commentary may be sent by US Mail, Postage-Prepaid, to:

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
RE: Corpora – Marshal’s Office
P.O. Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

Commentary regarding these proposed Corpora changes, whether sent by email or US Mail, must be received by the Board no later than September 1, 2020.

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.


Click to access SocietyMarshalGovDocsProposedChanges.pdf

Announcement: A Letter from the Gulf Wars General

Unto my Shield-brothers, Spear-sisters, Comrades and Kin, do I Eques Uldin, by Grace of Their Royal
Majesties General for Gulf Wars XXVIII, send the call out to one and all for WAR!

Their Majesties Dongal and Catalina have called upon Their Baronies, Shires and Cantons to join them
on the fields of Gulf Wars, and preparations are well under way. Soon we will march east, the Falcon
Host soaring amongst a sky of black stars. Make ready your harness, make ready your voices, we shall
sing together in glorious victory or death.The levy has been summoned. Her Majesty Catalina has called forth her Fyrdmen to stand fearlessly
shoulder to shoulder with her in battle. Will you join Her?

If you will be attending the war in March please take a moment to sign the Muster so that Their Majesties
may know all who will be attending.


Please note that pre-registration for Gulf Wars is now open, and will close February 15th, 2019. You can
register by mail or online at https://www.gulfwars.org/registration/. Be sure to register as camping with
Calontir! Pre-registering is the only way to ensure we have the allotted land we will need for the
Host we bring.

Winter War Manuevers will be held on January 26th in the Barony of Mag Mor. I request that all who are
able to attend. There will be classes covering shield wall tactics, spear work, and charging. There are
many drills planned for the day; we will fight until they make us leave!

The War Council and I are happy to announce the Calontir Scutari, a new shield design. Please see Sir
Aiden O’Shea’s announcement concerning construction dimensions. We anticipate being able to field a
few of them at the war.

In ever faithful service,
Eques Uldin of Ravenscroft

The Calontiri Scutari: Description and Pattern

Harvested from Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/CalontirWarCouncil/posts/525210114632082

The Calontir Scutari is a center grip War Oval of a standard dimension to be used in the more mobile, fluid formations and scenarios like open field battles, ravine/res battles, and broken field battles. The Scutari is not designed to replace the Scutum, but to augment its use so that the Army can be more effective in certain scenarios that require mobility and tactical flexibility.

The Scutum wall is the best at what it does and in the scenarios that we need the Scutum wall there is no substitute. But, for quite a while Calontir has been using the scutum in different capacities. It’s use in some of these capacities are not ideal, but the lack of consistency of sizes and shapes of secondary shields do not allow for good unit cohesion if needed to be used as a line of defense. The Scutari will allow the Army to maintain a line defense but give us the mobility to advance and reform quicker, as well as allow us to defend in different ways that we can not do with the Scutum wall.

The Scutari should be made in one of two ways:

The Calontiri Standard

  • The Scutari should be made from 6061 T-6 Aircraft Aluminum of .100 inch thickness or other acceptable SCA combat legal variant. If you wish to build your shield in a spangen style that is acceptable as well.
  • War Oval Dimensions: 24″ wide x 40″ high with a 2″ vertical curve. (NOTE: the Scutari can be made flat, but a slight curve allows for better use) Rounded top and bottom should be a full half circle design, not a tapered point or other shape.
  • Centergrip should be at the center point vert/horz. on every shield. The hole for the boss should be between 6″ – 7″ in diameter to allow any full gauntlet to be used.
  • The boss should be between 3″ – 4″ deep allowing for any full gauntlet to be used. The Handle should be between 1″ – 1.5″ in diameter metal pipe or similar design. The handle should be vertical along the center line of the shield, not horizontal and not offset to the right or left. If you want to pad or wrap your handle for grip that is acceptable. Also, guide straps can be added for transport.

The concept of The Calontir Standard is to allow any fighter in the army to use or pickup a dropped Scutari at any time. Right or left handed and be able to effectively use that shield in the line. So, The Calontir Standard is set to allow the most variety in user, very much like the design of our scutums.

The Calontir Custom

Since the Scutari is not designed to be used as a solid “wall” or grounded, some fighters may choose to make their own Scutari to specifically fit their own body type. Below is how you determine the parameters of “The Calontir Custom” and still be able to use the scutari within the army line

  1. Get into your fighting stance, knees slightly bent. As if you were standing in the Calontir line with a shield.
  2. Measure from the top of your forward knee to the bottom of your nose. That will be your vertical measurement
  3. Get out of your stance and stand straight. Measure from the outside edge of your shoulder across to the other outside edge of your shoulder. This will be the horizontal measurement.

This design will allow a Dreadnaught class fighter to build a shield that will protect them on the field. It will also allow a Cruiser weight fighter to build a shield that will protect them as well.

The rest of the manufacture of the shield will be the same as “The Calontir Standard”. Same center grip, hole, and grip design.

Calontir to Adopt Shafted Combat Archery

Archery practice at earthen butts, c1325. The center markers are small wreaths. Detail from the Geoffrey Luttrell psalter. Public Domain in the United States

Gleaned from Facebook:


The Kingdom Earl Marshall Halvgrimr riddari announced at this past Crown Tournament that Calontir will be adopting the Society standards for shafted combat archery, with possibly a few variations.

Halvgrimr admonished all marshalls to familiarize themselves with the Society standards as they take immediate force in Calontir Combat Archery.

Halgrimr also acknowledged the dedication and work of THL John Bowyer in accomplishing this goal.

UPDATED: RESCINDED Marshals Please Read: Change to Helm Inspections Starting October 1st

Ed. note:  This directive was rescinded later, and will not go into effect 10/1/2016. Per Syr Duncan:

After being told two weeks ago that we had to start inspecting helms off of the head the SEM has decided that we need to wait until he has a better idea of what we are looking for and how. To that end he is suspending his earlier edict to inspect helms in any manner differently than what we are already doing. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am at work and have no way to access Facebook, can someone please forward this the Kingdom Facebook page and the calon list?


From Syr Duncan of Skeene, Earl Marshal of Calontir
I received the following from Sir Padraig, the Deputy SEM for Rattan combat. We are to begin this process now. I am not worried about if we inspect the same helm at several different events. We are supposed to make this part of our normal inspection process until further notice.

I think it is because of a rash of concussions, goose eggs and pressure gashes in the recent past. I know this will be a bit of a pain in tracking how many inspections we do and how many fail because of not enough padding but I have no choice in the matter. We need to begin this process OCTOBER 1.

Quoted message follows:
” I am asking one and all to begin a round of helm inspections that would
include a check of the interior padding. We should be looking for
proper coverage, thickness and resilience. I would Appreciate if
your Marshals would get a count of how many helms were inspected,
how many failed and why. It would be nice f we could have this info
by kingdom included in your end of year reports. I would also like
you to instruct your Marshals that if any head injuries occur,
bleeding lumps, tko’s or Mo’s even, that they inspect the injured
fighters helm and include any finding good or bad in the report to
you. I think in short time we can find out if our inspection has
been sloppy in the past, or if there really is a problem that we can
put a finger on.
In service

Thank you,
Syr Duncan of Skeene


Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

A Medieval Moment at Pennsic

We all hear about having a “Medieval Moment” at SCA events, and many of us have had the opportunity to experience one. During the bridge battles at Pennsic this year (AS LI), the entire Calon host got to experience one together.

Part of the strategy of the East Kingdom command this year was to change which bridge units were fighting on between each battle. This meant that Calontir got to face many different opponents, rather than the same one over and over. That made things more interesting, and as it turned out it was a Good Thing(tm).
When we fought on the uppermost wide bridge (bridge #2 for those of you who were lucky enough to be there), we faced Atlantia, or at least a part of Atlantia that included the Atlantian Combat Archers. The rules of the day were that the archers could not come on to the bridges, nor could they station themselves outside of the outermost edge of the wide bridge we were on. (This was to prevent arrows from going in to the crowds on either side.) This meant they were less able to snipe on the outer, wide bridges (like this one). The Atlantian Combat Archers took this in stride, and made the medieval choice.
As Calontir advanced across the bridge, the typical call of “arrow” rang out, warning the army of incoming fire. But as we got closer to the Atlantian end of the bridge, we no longer faced the occasional arrow fired by a sniper, but rather volleys of dozens of arrows at once, causing almost all the shieldmen to raise their shields to protect themselves and those around them. This was something we don’t normally face, and was very cool. But then to add to it, the troops facing us took that opportunity to charge, just as they should have!
They surprised us, killed a number, and pushed us back. It was the right tactic at the right time, and was also quite effective, once. The next time a volley came in (which was still very cool), our artillery was ready, and stopped the charge before it could have the same affect as the previous one. The archers continued to fire in volleys, keeping us on our toes, and it added a lot to the medieval feel of that battle.
After the last battle on Friday, We made an effort to seek out the command staff of the archers We faced on that bridge. Luckily, Baroness Cellach Mor of Ponte Alto was on the field. While expressing her low status in the command structure, she let Us know that it was the Atlantian Combat Archers that We faced. She also promised to pass Our words along to the archers and the troops they trained with.
There are two morals to this story:
  1. Training together is more effective than training alone.
  2. Medieval moments can happen at any time. Just keep your eyes (and mind) open to them.

— HRM Logan —

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Demo Report: Kalmar Industries Company Picnic, Ottawa, KS 8-6-2016

Sir Cai arranged for his company to allow the SCA to hold a full-on demo at his annual company picnic. Kalmar Industries in Ottawa, KS hosted SCA folk from multiple nearby groups, including the Shire of Carlsby, the Shire of Cum an Iolair, the Shire of Crescent Moon, the Canton of Aston Tor and the Barony of Forgotten Sea. Visitors from distant groups, including the Barony of Vatavia and the Shire of Golden Seas even joined in the fun. This author is certain she has left out some groups, as well. Apologies for that. There were so many people, the demo was certainly the size of a decent event!

Look at all that Meanest Mother Melee fighting!

Look at all that Meanest Mother Melee fighting!

We had enough people for tourney fighting, cut-and-thrust and archery events side-by-side, multiple-fighter melees, several meanest-mother melees and even some old style Holmgang melees. This author heard laughing and great fun coming from the list field throughout the day. Epic deaths were seen. Even Ottawa residents came to the park, set up their lawn chairs and watched the sport throughout the day, enjoying the unusually mild August weather.

Ottawa's newest spectator sport

Ottawa’s newest spectator sport

The SCA personnel put on a fine showing of our best artisanry, too. We fully encircled the list fields with pavilions full of our best displays, from scribal arts through a fully functional forge thanks to Baron Lothar! Several people combined their talents to show how wool moves from sheep to fully woven fabric, including spindles, a spinning wheel, and two kinds of looms.  Mistress Dorcas provided an entire pavilion of heraldic goodies and information, too.

Amazing fiber arts demo - sheep to shawl!

Amazing fiber arts demo – sheep to shawl!

An all-day chainmail demo by HL Thomas the Black, armoring, sewing, displays of the Baronial coronets, finished garb hanging in the pavilions, and lots of people willing to talk about the SCA and our period of history provided a well-rounded, educational opportunity for the Kalmar employees, their families and others who visited. Many friends and family members of the SCA folks came by to see us, too!

H.L. Thomas the Black and his chain mail demo

H.L. Thomas the Black and his chain mail demo

Sir Cai graciously printed outstanding informational brochures and amazing laminated SCA bookmarks for us to give to visitors during our recruitment efforts. These proved very popular with the younger set, who also enjoyed the hands-on nature of most of the demo items. Being able to touch real, hand-woven fabric, chainmail, armored fighters and heraldic banners caused more than one young mouth to gape in amazement as they saw storybooks come alive before their eyes. Lady Maegwynn provided heraldic announcements before the fighting, including explanations of the SCA – who we are, what we do, and why the visitors should come around and check out the demos.

Baron Lothar explaining how he is forging his Holder Down Thing

Baron Lothar explaining how he is forging his Holder Down Thing

As a reward for our demo, the Kalmar folks provided the SCA demo-ers with a luscious BBQ lunch of pork, turkey, beef and all the sides. Bounce-houses and a bounce-obstacle course for the kids were available, although us adults were sadly not allowed. We debated the wisdom of obtaining ones rated for grownups for the next Tor Party at Lilies.

It was a beautiful day of temperate weather, gentle breezes, great fun fighting and some of the best fun many of us had in a long time. We wish the rest of you had been able to join us! Enjoy the photos – I’ve linked them to my Flickr page, because I took so many. These are just a few teasers.

Link to Photos:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/7579381@N02/albums/72157672317838635

In joyous fealty to the Crown and People of Calontir, I remain your loyal servant and Scribe-

Takashoka Spaekona Aidan Cocrinn, OL