A Labor of Love: Heraldic, Scribal, and Dance Symposium

Join us this Valentine’s for a wonderful day full of heraldry, dancing, and the scribal arts, followed by an evening ball – the perfect way to end this day of romance.

The event will take place in Baldwin Hall during the day, then move across campus for the ball.

Gate opens at 8:00 and will stay open at noon, and our first classes will begin at 9:00.

Site fee is 5.00 for adults and 3.00 for children under 18. 5.00 dollar non-member surcharge.

There will be no inn this year, but light refreshments will be available throughout the day for a suggested donation and a map of local eateries will be provided.

Those wishing to teach should contact the class scheduler Aleidis Trost (Wendi Milhous) at wendimilhous@gmail.com, through facebook, or call636-352-5743 after six.

Autocrats- Kateline Lyonette (Allison Comfort) asc6726@truman.edu, 636-697-4760 (after 5)

Gillian atte Wode (Barbara Mandell) bsmithmadell@yahoo.com, 660-665-6781 (evenings)

For crash space please contact Gillian.