Crown Tournament Court summary, March 26, A.S. 50

On the tourney field:
A boon was begged for Valdríkr inn Danski to be elevated to the Chivalry
Vakri Valdrickrsson – Iren Hirth

Update:  Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan and Mistress Ylva Jonsdottir were named Heirs to the Falcon Throne.  (Please forgive this omission.  My aged brain told me that since this news had been announced in a previous post to the Falcon Banner, it didn’t need to be repeated here.  Of course, my aged brain was mistaken.  <insert embarrassed emoticon here>)

In evening court:
Saito Takauji is the new Gold Falcon Principal Herald
Konstantia Kaloethina was created a Herald Extraordinary
Lucrezia Contarini – AoA
Alexander Baton – AoA
Chrystopher Wotjowicz – Leather Mallet
Michael Eriksson – King’s Favor, AoA

Other court news:
Crystal Mynes presented largess
Ameline de Coity won the Rose in Any Medium competition
Antonia Stefani – 1st place in the Largess competition
Kathryn Dagget – 2nd place in the Largess competition
13 people received Newcomer mugs, 4 of them were children
Dani of Oakheart and Freya won prizes in the Children’s Activities egg hunt