Pelican Scroll for Svana Lutusdottir

Pelican Scroll for Mistress Svana Lutusdottir

Text by Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis , turned to runes by Lord Vels inn Viglađi, scroll by Mistress Aidan Cocrinn.


Pelican Scroll for Svana Lutusdottir

Pelican Scroll for Svana Lutusdottir


See the great servant
Svana Lutusdottir

Working at War-home
In wide Calontir

Guest host at fray’s gate
Greeting road wearied

Melee rule minder
Mimir’s battle-friend

Same with the sisters
Of Sleipnir eight-legged

Bright was the war blade
She bore for the snail Cwen.

Free handed to friends
And far-homed hall guests

Many times ring marked
For merit of work gift

Honor now offered
To one well beloved

A life filled with labors
Like blood spilling mothers

Now with full knowledge
Of needs of the Heartland

Word fame for wonders
Worked by her mind-strife

Called now by Konung
To come into high hall

Drottning demanding
Her duty to steer

Proclaim We her Peerage
Pelican her life path

Ranks as are rightful
Rings golden granted

Oaths has she offered
Answers well given

Lifted as Land’s gift
Loudest praise worthy.

By these words did Logan Konung and Ylva Drottning, each members of the Circle Who Serve create Svana Lutusdottir as a Pelican and Peer of the Realm on the 10th day of September, near the mooring place of the Fyrdraca, in the fifty-first year since holmgangs were fought once more.


Konung                                Drottning