Pelican Scroll for Gunnar Thorisson

Pelican Scroll for Master Gunnar Thorisson
Text by Master Modar Neznanich , Calligraphy & Illumination by Mistress Mirabel Wynne
Notable are those who pick up the weapons of war to defend our homeland. Memorable are those who practice the crafts which sustain us. Yet rarest of all are those who also labor mightily out of view so that the word-fame of others may be more easily found, while seeking no glory for themselves.
We, Logan Sword-King and Ylva Arts-Queen, Rulers of Calontir, call notice to our drengr known as Gunnar Thorisson who bears a shield quartered of green and silver edged with a band of black, upon which are four caltrops pointed in a cross and counterchanged in color. Know that We are well pleased with his service and do advance his station, rank and title thus creating him a Peer of Our Realm and a member of the noble Order of the Pelican.
Furthermore, in gratitude for his many services, We free him from taxes for a period of seven years and gift unto him twelve mares and two stallions for his use on his garth-steading near the town of Stavanger.  In testimony we have made these Our Letters Patent and set Our hands and Seal this 4th day of September, Anno Societatis 51, being the year of the modern era 2016.