Gryphon’s Fest court summary, September 28, A.S. 54

This reporter did not attend the event. This report is based on notes retrieved from the Boke of Faces by HL Ysabel de la Oya and notes provided by Lord Jon Chesey, White Hawk Herald. My thanks to them. I apologize in advance for any missing awards and/or misspelled names, and will gratefully accept corrections to this report. Please contact me at DorcasWhitecap (at) gmail (dot) com

In evening court:
Violette of Three Rivers – AoA
Iris of Three Rivers – AoA
Amba Allrasystir – Leather Mallet
Lisette of Three Rivers – AoA
Miranda Augasdottir – Queen’s Chalice
Auga Ormstunga – Golden Calon Swan
Mjǫll Úlfarsdóttir – Leather Mallet
Faustus Cantilius Lupus – Torse
Margaret Bruce – Court Baronage
Rochwen Morwena – Laurel

Other court tidings:
A boon was begged for Dammo Utwiler to join the Order of the Pelican

Martin Schongauer, The griffin, 1485. Public domain in the US