Autumn Arrows court summary, October 5, A.S. 54

This reporter did not attend the event. This summary is based on notes provided by HL Ayisha bint Asad. My thanks to her. I apologize in advance for any missing awards and/or misspelled names, and will gratefully accept corrections to this report. Please contact me at DorcasWhitecap (at) gmail (dot) com

In evening court:
Martin of Calanais Nuadh – AoA
Lucia of Three Rivers – Torse
Yngvarr Bjarnakarl – Boga Fyrd

Other court tidings:
HL Janos Katona invited the archers to come shoot at Crown Tournament next weekend.
Newcomer mugs were handed out.
The winners of the archery shoot and thrown weapons were announced:
Thrown Weapons:
Huscarl – Daniel Martel
Fyrd – Asher de Lokwode
Unranked – Thrace of Calanais Nuadh

Huscarl – Daniel Martel
Fyrd – Asher de Lokwode
Unranked – Kolr (visitor from out of kingdom)

Branch championship winner: Asher de Lokwode

Archery practice at earthen butts, c1325. The center markers are small wreaths. Detail from the Geoffrey Luttrell psalter. Public Domain in the United States