Plague’s End court summary, June 12, A.S. 56

In court:
Æthelwynn Stíðmódu – Golden Calon Swan
Roxelana Bramante – Torse
Lawrence of Grimfells – Golden Calon Swan
Aoife inghean Uí Tormaigh – AoA
Caleb Talbot – Leather Mallet
Juan Hector Valdez – Torse
Wilhelm von Brandt – Torse and Iren Hirth

Other court tidings:
Baroness Genevieve de Chambery brought news of the upcoming event in Westumbria.
7 newcomers received mugs.
Sir Anton von Hagenstein and Sir Duncan MacTorquill brought news of the upcoming Regional Equestrian Practice in Wyvern Cliffe.
Lady Fabia Narcissa Patricia stepped down as Kingdom Chronicler, and is replaced by the Honorable Lady Anne von Weingarten.
The Honorable Lady Tola Rufusdóhtor stepped down as Kingdom Seneschal, and is replaced by His Excellency Galen MacColmáin.
Mistress Brigida von München stepped down as Gold Falcon Herald, and is replaced by the Honorable Lady Zaneta Baseggio.