January Awards Granted by TRM Agamemnon & Gwen

Awards Granted by TRM Agamemnon & Gwen at Twelfth Night

Kristoforus Johannesson – Award of Arms
Arnora of Lonely Tower – Award of Arms
Ganyastmelhijin – Award of Arms
Marajil bint Horoun ibn Almad – Award of Arms
Amon Attwood – Award of Arms
Nesscia inghenn Chearnaigh – Cross of Calontir
Katsumoto Tadamasa – Iren Fyrd
Halldora Gudnirsdottir – Leather Mallet
Sebastian d’Hinnisdael – Leather Mallet
Khalil abd’l-Wahid al-Katib – Leather Mallet
Bietriz la Cristaliere – Leather Mallet
Aleit de la Thomme – Award of Arms
Fionnghuala Inghean Ui Fallamhain – Torse
Shandrake of Vale – Torse
Lewelyth of Loch Bheathrach – Award of Arms
Michael Larson – Award of Arms

Awards Granted by TRM Agamemnon and Gwen at the Coronation of Anton & Isabeau

Geva de Kent – Silver Hammer
Ozurr Svi├░balki – Torse
Anna Jarlamor – Golden Calon Swan
Giovanna of Three Rivers – Golden Calon Swan
Raganheidr Refsdottir – Award of Arms
Ode de Home – Order of Chivalry
Alison of Forgotten Sea – Award of Arms
Hans Neimann – Grant of Arms
Tarique ibn Akmel el Ghazi – Court Barony
Cecilia de Gatisbury – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction (Courtesy)
Ylva Jonsdottir – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction (Ideals)

Online Bird of Prey – 3rd Iteration Launch and Call for Submissions

Captured on the Calonlist:

A new year and a new reign has begun. A new season of war is upon us. With this, I am proud to announce a return of the Calontir Bird of Prey.

The Calontir Bird of Prey is a journal for and by the fighters of Calontir. With the permission of the previous editors, Sir Kirk and Sir Halvgrim, I have sought to bring the Bird of Prey back. Over the next two weeks the articles appearing in the “Classic” Online volumes will be appearing on a new website :


The Bird of Prey is not an archival repository, but a continuing journal of the way we fight, the way we train, and why. For this, I ask for anyone who wishes to contribute an article or ideas to step forward to bring this wonderful resource into a third decade.

What kinds of articles are desirous?
-Battle reports.
-Tactics and Theory Articles.
-Training Drills.
-Application of Chivalry and recounts of prowess in our Current Middle Ages.
-Weapon and armor construction.
-Calontir Martial History.

A truly new feature I intend to exploit given modern means is to create training videos that will allow basic drills to be recorded and distributed to expand our ability to train Their Majesties armies to standard.

Anyone with the interest and will can write an article for the Bird of Prey. Every experience shared adds to our whole understanding. Being a wordpress blog, there will be no specific release schedule for new “issues,” but instead allow a constantly evolving and expanding body of knowledge. The request for new submissions is open now.

See you on the field,


First Post on New Site

This is our first post from the new hosting site. We wanted to test all the functions, as well as to help all of our readers a bit more with the transition.

First, the falconbanner.com  domain name has not been transferred yet and it may take a few days for that to happen. In the meantime, you will always be able to find us at


Second, if you were following us by email or through WordPress.com, we were not able to transfer those connections. Please subscribe at the new site. There is a new Subscribe tab on the main menu, or you can use the widget below.


And, finally, the crossposting to The Falcon Banner Facebook and Google+ pages, as well as to the Calonlist, will continue uninterrupted. Please let us know of any problems.

Thank you for your patience and support during the transition.


Mathurin & Katelyn