Calontir Singing Recordings

Unknown Artist. Minstrels with a Rebec & a Lute.
13th c. Manasseh Codex. El Escorial, Madrid. Public domain in the US

For those in isolation, the voices of our Calontir family can be a balm. If anyone has online recordings they would like to share with the Kingdom, please send links to and we will post them.

In that spirit, we link to the CalonSound Project. While it has not been updated in a few years, it includes several Calontir standards.



Where the Falcon Soars Above the Heartland

Tacuina sanitatis 14th C. Public domain in the US

At Gulf Wars XXVIII Lady Elaisse de Garrigues won the A&S Champions Battle, with a project titled “Where the Falcon Soars Above the Heartland:  Musical Compositions Exploring the Development of Polyphonic Organum”

Here are the documentation and accompanying recordings for that winning entry:


Ninth Century Parallel Organum:


Eleventh Century Free Organum:


Twelfth Century Florid Organum:


Organum Triplum:








The Calonsound Project Stirs

Greetings unto Calontir, and most especially Her bards and minstrels,

Long has The Calonsound Project slept but once more it stirs and seeks sustenance. Who will feed it? Who will make it strong?

Technology has raced ahead since I first began The Calonsound Project and most artists now have the ability to make recordings of their work with relative ease. If you have such recordings to share with the Kingdom, please consider making them available via Calonsound. The process has been considerably streamlined and, if you already have them online, you can provide a just a link to their location. So easy, even a bard can do it?

If you would like to contribute, or just have questions about Calonsound, contact me online or in person.

THL Mathurin Kerbusso,