Youth Fundraiser at Horse and Falcon, Donations for Lilies War

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the Youth Fundraiser at Horse and Falcon. Monies were raised and will be used for Youth and Teen activities!

Second for those who promised to help or provide supplies for Lilies Youth and Teen activities– thank you. We cannot provide meaningful activities without your support!

Third, for those who would like to contribute and are unsure how to help, here are some suggestions:

  • Packages of cookies.
  • Sturdy shoe boxes or photo boxes.
  • Packages of hot dogs, bags of chips, 2 liter bottles of pop, containers of Gatorade, or packages of glow sticks.

If you could purchase and donate one or two of these items and let us know prior to Lilies that it will be there then we can spend the money raised on other supplies. Drop your donations off at the Youth Tent, and please include a little note.

Please understand that all gestures of support are appreciated, and with everyone helping it does not burden any one person.

Thank you on behalf of the youth and teens!

Lady Apple