Kingdom Youth Combat Seeking Donations

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

Good Gentles of the Populace:

As youth sports go, the price tag for ours is likely to make some families a bit leery of involvement, considering the ephemeral nature of children’s’ attention, and their inconvenient habit of changing size and shape. There aren’t a lot of families out there willing to plop down $150 or more on something that their child might not take to.

To that end, In an effort to engage more kids in the Calontir Youth Combat activities, I would like to respectfully ask the populace for donations, especially armor pieces (in good repair) that meet or exceed the minimum Calontir Youth Combat requirements. You can make it, buy it or dig it out of your basement if you like. As long as it is functional and looks like it will fit a child, I will happily collect it. If you’re not sure, please ask questions.

If you prefer money donations, those can be directed towards Melodia. She will use it to buy “off the shelf” items from sales outlets that meet or exceed the KYC safety standards (youth hockey helmets and gloves for example).

With a little bit of support, we will have a chance to draw in all those kids on the edges who would play were it not for legal gear.



Information Resources for Youth Combat

SCA Youth Combat page

Calontir Youth Combat Facebook Page

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Society’s Guidance for Youth Combat at Pennsic


The Society Seneschal, A.J. Pongratz, has provided legal guidance for Youth Combat activities at Pennsic in light of recent changes in Pennsylvania law. The full text is quite long, and is posted in full at The East Kingdom Gazette

However, the pertinent part of the statement is:

In reviewing the official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services and the recent statute with other officers and agents of the SCA, I have determined that this statute will not impact on Heavy Combat or Rapier Combat by minor children of the age of 16 or 17 nor youth activities.



Potential Problems for Youth Activities at Pennsic this Year

As first reported by The Ealdormere Gazette:

Changes in legislation in the State of Pennsylvania will have an impact on how attendees under the age of 18 may participate. Through their Keep Kids Safe website, Pennsylvania has announced that, beginning July 1, 2015, an adult applying for an unpaid position as a volunteer responsible for the welfare of a child or having direct contact with children will need clearances.

This new law states that anyone responsible for the “supervision, guidance or control of children or [who has] routine interaction with children” must go through a clearance process that may include a finger print check by the FBI.

With this new law, there is speculation across Social Media as to whether youth will be able to participate in armoured combat, or even youth combat, if all the marshals have not gone through this clearance process. Under this legislation, it might also be impossible for seventeen year olds to freely wander about the Pennsic site since they will have interaction with security and other event volunteers who have not gone through the clearance process.

The Ealdormere Gazette has reached out to Baroness Briatiz D’Andrade, Pennsic War 44’s Media Liaison, and we hope to hear from her soon.

For more information, read the FAQ about this legislation.

[Edit: We have been informed that this issue is being investigated by the Pennsic Mayor and the Seneschals of the three Pennsic kingdoms.]

Click to access C_135249.pdf


Youth Fundraiser at Horse and Falcon, Donations for Lilies War

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the Youth Fundraiser at Horse and Falcon. Monies were raised and will be used for Youth and Teen activities!

Second for those who promised to help or provide supplies for Lilies Youth and Teen activities– thank you. We cannot provide meaningful activities without your support!

Third, for those who would like to contribute and are unsure how to help, here are some suggestions:

  • Packages of cookies.
  • Sturdy shoe boxes or photo boxes.
  • Packages of hot dogs, bags of chips, 2 liter bottles of pop, containers of Gatorade, or packages of glow sticks.

If you could purchase and donate one or two of these items and let us know prior to Lilies that it will be there then we can spend the money raised on other supplies. Drop your donations off at the Youth Tent, and please include a little note.

Please understand that all gestures of support are appreciated, and with everyone helping it does not burden any one person.

Thank you on behalf of the youth and teens!

Lady Apple