Chivalry Social at Lilies

Chivalry Social
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Do you ever ask yourself…

  • How does he throw that shot?
  • How can I get more spear kills?
  • Why do I keep getting hit in the ____?
  • How I can I fight, win and act in an honorable and chivalric manner?

When : Sunday June 15

  • 10:30 (following morning court) One on one instruction with the knights of the known world
  • 12:30 Broken field battle, practical application of skills learned, unlimited res. No weapons restriction. Instructional field stays open for the duration

Who: Fighters of ALL skill levels

Where: battle field

On the first Sunday the Order of the Chivalry is dedicating themselves to helping you improve your fighting. Starting with one-on-one instruction, you can train the skill of your choice with the Chiv of your choice. Follow that up with some direct application in an unlimited resurrection battle, or keep participating in one-on-one training.

It’s your call on what you want. Looking for some pointers on your stance? Want some help with other parts of your fighting? Or do you want to go a few rounds of “A-Game” with Duke Speedy McThunderStick? Do you just want to wait a bit and jump in the unlimited resurrection battle and bash around with your friends? The chivalry will stay out there as long as someone wants to keep fighting and learning!