Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild Meeting Minutes, Lilies 2014

Many thanks to Lady Melisent McAfee for transcribing the minutes of our Guild meeting at Lilies! I have misplaced the folder where the sign-in sheet was, so I will need to amend these later, but here are the minutes (slightly edited by me…):

HL Giraude called our meeting to order at 3pm Tuesday, June 17 in the Fiber Arts tent at Lilies War.

She thanked all the teachers and students who had participated in classes that we held in the Fiber Arts tent, thus ensuring our having the tent for this year. We hope to continue to book it fairly solid with classes and other activities to guarantee continuation of having the tent at future Lilies.

She mentioned that Katheryne Winterbourne’s project idea for the guild to create gifts for a deserving individual. Since Kathryn was unable to attend, discussion of this project will be tabled until the next meeting.

Largess for Their Majesties was discussed. Suggestions included medallion cords, pin cushions, tablet weaving, bags. Donations do not necessarily need to be fiber. Remember that largess is needed not just for the kingdom but also gifts for TRM to give to other kingdom royals.

Mistress Dejaneira is working on business cards for the guild. Giraude did some flyers for the Feel of Calontir.

We do not have an official website anymore. Giraude is working on one. We will need to reserve a domain name. Mistress Dejaneira volunteered to pay the cost of that. We will need content – articles, class handouts, pictures of projects, links to useful websites. Once our site is ready, the kingdom site can link to it.

Our next business meeting will be at Coronation. We need a banner to put up so that people know where we are. Johanna mentioned that one is in the works. It would also be good to get a notice in the event flyer and perhaps send a letter to the Mews announcing our meeting.

Mistress Dejaneira commended Giraude for doing a good job of getting the word out about the guild and helping improve communication.

The minutes of our meetings are posted on our Facebook group and to the Yahoo group list.

If anyone wants the group to know about something, they should post to the Facebook group and the Yahoo group. It may be good to post to the Calon List and Facebook page also. Brigida volunteered to be the Guild’s social media person.

Members should bring items for show and tell to the next meeting. We should also bring largess donations to Coronation. We may want to gather together and present it to TRM.

Johanna sponsored a competition at Lilies. She is going back to working on her rose in any medium strap. She plans to have 11 yards of 32″ wide fabric done by coronation. Brigida will be doing cords for the Harpies and Hillians event.

We may do another Feel of Calontir at Coronation. We probably should do them at every crown tourney and coronation. We may want to do a raffle fundraiser at Kris Kinder or perhaps at the next Lilies. The idea for the raffle would be the outcome of a Sheep to Shawl competition. HL Kathryn Daggett will donate the fleece. We could have various prizes. Perhaps we could have teams compete. Members should consider recommendations for this so we can discuss it at the next meeting.

The Feel of Calontir at Lilies this year went pretty well. We were set up next to the line for Taste of Calontir. A few people came over to look. We may want to continue having it in conjunction with the Taste. Perhaps we could help the cooks with potholders and tablecloths.

Johanna announced that the next Figments and Filaments event (non-SCA) will be at Overland Park Kansas and will feature the author Gail Owen-Crocker. This event will be the North American debut of her next book. Anyone who wishes can volunteer to present a class. It does not need to be medieval. The website is [1]

Yours in Service,

HL Giraude Benet
Guild Head
Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild