Silk Standard Making Article

Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan and Sir Gawayne ap Tristam have an article on making silk banners/standards. The article is located on the Barony of Forgotten Sea website.

Several folks have made these, and HE Logan has conducted classes and workshops on their construction.

This is an excellent way to easily add a bit of medieval splendor to your camp.

18th Annual Bobbin & Weaving, 2015

18th Annual Bobbin & Weaving, 2015
February Friday 13th, (after work hours), Saturday 14th, & Sunday 15th

‘Aine nic Taillieur’s Manor

It’s that time of year again. Because Clothiers falls later in the month this year, Bobbin & Weaving will also fall later. After we scheduled, Heraldic, Scribal & Dance scheduled for the same weekend. We understand many of you will have plans for Valentine’s Day and HS&D (I usually attend) but I hope to see some of you for B&W. We will miss those of you who can’t make it due to these conflicts. 

Bring your latest project and join us for a weekend of fun and camaraderie. A number of people have offered to teach just about anything you might like to learn, such as bobbin lace, kumihimo, tablet weaving, pick-up inkle weaving, netting, spinning, needle felting, felting, knitting, nalbinding, sprang, bookbinding, etc. We don’t normally schedule formal classes but contact me ahead of time so I can let people know if you want a particular class or for info on supplies you might need. Also contact me if there is something YOU would like to teach so I can let people know. ‘Aine has a huge sewing/craft room, so if you would like to bring your sewing machine and work on garb, there will be space. As people contact me with things they would like to learn, or to teach, I will be sending out updates.

We have a wonderful time sharing, visiting and getting to know each other better. If you do anything involving string or fiber in any form, this is the place for you. Lasair will have her merchant booth set up with a wealth of fiber goodies.

Friday night we, visit and settle in. Saturday will be spent visiting and working on projects or swimming . . . yes, swimming. ‘Aine has an indoor pool, so bring your suits and towels. There is also an elevator for those of us who are stair challenged. We will have a pot luck Saturday evening, and more work and visiting. Sunday we usually make a run to Yarn Barn and have lunch in Lawrence, KS. You are welcome to come all weekend or just one day.

There are ample kitchen facilities and refrigeration. Bring your own snacks and drinks and something for the potluck on Saturday. We never coordinate it and it is always exceptional.

This part doesn’t apply to day trippers. There is space for sleeping but, due to fire codes, the space will be a bit more limited than in the past on a first reply, first serve basis. However, Lasair has offered to provide crash space for the overflow. Many of you have been to Lasair’s house. We held Bobbin & Weaving there for three years after it outgrew my house. When requesting sleeping space, please copy me ( AND ‘Aine ( so we can stay coordinated. 

Unfortunately, a number of movies were misplaced the last few years and never showed up again, so the theater will not be open. Those of you who usually plan to sleep there will not be able to. I will send out a list of the people who have already replied to either ‘Aine or myself. Please respond if your plans have changed or if we somehow missed you. Some of us will be bunking in the huge, heated garage. Whichever place you sleep, you will need to bring your own sleeping gear. There are also motels close by. If anyone wants motel info, please let me know.

There will be plenty of table space and chairs, but if you want to be assured of comfort, bring your favorite portable chair.

For those of you with allergies, there are no indoor animals (unless you count the occasional bunnies who come as guests). If I have forgotten anything, which isn’t uncommon these days, just contact me.

Hope to see many of you there,



The Grain Valley exits are about 25 miles East of Kansas City.

The Address is 8415 South Corn, Oak Grove Mo. 64075-6202
The Phone Numbers for Aine are 816-224-4069 or cell, 816-223-9907
The Phone Number for Johanne is cell, 816-645-6460

From I-70: Exit at the Grain Valley exit (about the 24.5 mile marker). Turn South and go about 3.5 miles. Then Turn left on to Nebgen (the right turn says Major). Go about one block then turn right (this will be Corn). Go about 1/2 mile. The driveway is on the left. White fence, numbers on the post You will not be able to see the house from the street.

From 50 Highway: Exit at the Grain Valley exit (Between the exits for Blue Springs and Oak Grove). Go North about 8.5 miles then turn right onto Nebgen (the left turn says Major). Go about one block then turn right (this will be Corn). Go about 1/2 mile. The driveway is on the left. White fence, numbers on the post You will not be able to see the house from the street.

Meeting Minutes of the Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild, July 12 2014

And now — meeting minutes! Many thanks to Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne for taking notes!

Minutes, Meeting of the Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild Summer Crown, July 12, 2014

In attendance (in the order signed in): HL Giraude Benet (Guild Head), Mistress Amanda of Coldcastle, Baroness Almeda of Anglesey, Baroness Kezia von Holzenhaus, HL Kristine Nic Taillier, Lady Melisent McAffee, HL Esther bat Moshe, Kristen Walter, HL Ruth of Carlsby, HL Gyda Glora, HL Inga in Danska, HE Dejaneira de la Mille Coeur, Lady Mea Guiseppi de Firenze, Lady Sibilla Swain, HL Caoilfhionn inghen Cheallaigh, HL Runa Ketilsdottir, Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne (Assistant Guild Head), Mistress Eleanor Deyeson, and HL Johanne of Fishers Gate.

HL Giraude called the meeting to order shortly after 2pm. She thanked everyone who attended Lilies and either taught or took a class at the Fiber Tent. The class roster was full this year, and she appreciates everyone who did so much to make it a success.

The Guild banner made for the “Guild Wars” Lilies War had been returned to HL Giraude by Mistress Thora. Giraude displayed the banner for all to see, and the Guild will use it at upcoming events and Wars. HL Johanne mentioned that Twilleliah nic Tallier is painting a banner with the Guild badge on it, which we will also use at events to highlight the Guild presence.

At the Lilies business meeting we had discussed registering a domain name and establishing a new Guild website. Giraude hasn’t made progress on this front yet, but she and Mistress Dejaneira will meet soon to figure out the logistics. (Misterss Dejaneira had volunteered at the Lilies meeting to cover the expense of the new website and hosting.)

Giraude brought up Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne’s previous proposal for further discussion. Kathryn had proposed that the Guild take nominations of deserving individuals and have the Guild make th at person an item appropriate for their persona as a gift to reward or inspire them. Logistics of how to take nominations and select an individual in time to
have an item made by a specific event was discussed. It was proposed that we follow Baron Avraham’s example of making and giving away chairs and support new people by making should bags or belt pouches. These bags or pouches would be given to the Crown to give out to newcomers at their first event like the ceramic cups are now to have a greater variety of items for the Crown to give, and to give the potters a bit of a break. It would be a group effort. Weavers would make cloth and weave bands for the bags and straps. Embroiders would make things with which to decorate the bags. It was proposed by HL Esther that the Toys for Tots event would be an ideal time/place to assemble the bags since there is usually time and space for a project like this at that site. Woven “Made for you by _____” tags were suggested by HL Runa. Signed cards in each bag could let the recipient know which Guild members contributed to the item they received. A vote was taken, and the project was unanimously accepted.

The subject of largesse for the Crown was also discussed. The Crown especially needs items for largesse before Pennsic such as bags (easier to transport than baskets), and stuff to fill them with. Guild members are encouraged to bring donations of largesse to Calon Con and Feast of Eagles, which are the two events between Coronation and Pennsic. Lady Sibilla, the Largesse Coordinator for TRMs Agamemnon and Gwen was present at the meeting and added her encouragement and suggestions. Giraude mentioned that she had a bag of medallion cords from Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne and seal tags from Lavinia to pass along to Lady Sibilla.

Lady Kristine Nic Taillier then brought up a proposal from the proprietors of the Broken Harp, of which she is a representative. There are tents at the Harp with tables and seating that go unused during the day, and the Harp would like to offer the use of these tents to the Fiber and Needle Guild for the purposes of having workshops and open crafting time. This year at Lilies War the Fiber and Needle Guild had a smaller tent for classes, which eliminated the possibility of this kind of open, less structured work space for less formal teaching and socializing. The proposal was agreed to gratefully and unanimously by the Guild members present at the meeting.

It was then proposed that by having the space to use at the Harp, the Fiber and Needle Guild could then give up the Fiber Tent that the Lilies Committee has been providing and paying for for the last number of years. HL Giraude said that this was something that we should announce and discuss with the members of the Fiber and Needle Guild who were not in attendance. In general disc ussion, it was brought up that once we give up that tent, it will likely be difficult to get back, and there is value in having the Fiber and Needle Guild presence in the Fiber Tent. The point was also made that we shouldn’t hold on to it just for the sake of holding on to it if we had other space we could use, and have our members teach their more formal classes in the regular RUSH tents. Giraude will post this as a topic for discussion in both the Guild Yahoo Group and on the Guild Facebook page. A vote will be taken on whether to give up the Fiber Tent at the next Business meeting at Fall Crown.

After such a full and productive meeting, HL Giraude called for a motion to close the meeting. A motion was made, seconded and carried, and the meeting was brought to a close.

Yours in Service,

HL Giraude Benet
Guild Head
Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild

Guild web page:

Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild Meeting Minutes, Lilies 2014

Many thanks to Lady Melisent McAfee for transcribing the minutes of our Guild meeting at Lilies! I have misplaced the folder where the sign-in sheet was, so I will need to amend these later, but here are the minutes (slightly edited by me…):

HL Giraude called our meeting to order at 3pm Tuesday, June 17 in the Fiber Arts tent at Lilies War.

She thanked all the teachers and students who had participated in classes that we held in the Fiber Arts tent, thus ensuring our having the tent for this year. We hope to continue to book it fairly solid with classes and other activities to guarantee continuation of having the tent at future Lilies.

She mentioned that Katheryne Winterbourne’s project idea for the guild to create gifts for a deserving individual. Since Kathryn was unable to attend, discussion of this project will be tabled until the next meeting.

Largess for Their Majesties was discussed. Suggestions included medallion cords, pin cushions, tablet weaving, bags. Donations do not necessarily need to be fiber. Remember that largess is needed not just for the kingdom but also gifts for TRM to give to other kingdom royals.

Mistress Dejaneira is working on business cards for the guild. Giraude did some flyers for the Feel of Calontir.

We do not have an official website anymore. Giraude is working on one. We will need to reserve a domain name. Mistress Dejaneira volunteered to pay the cost of that. We will need content – articles, class handouts, pictures of projects, links to useful websites. Once our site is ready, the kingdom site can link to it.

Our next business meeting will be at Coronation. We need a banner to put up so that people know where we are. Johanna mentioned that one is in the works. It would also be good to get a notice in the event flyer and perhaps send a letter to the Mews announcing our meeting.

Mistress Dejaneira commended Giraude for doing a good job of getting the word out about the guild and helping improve communication.

The minutes of our meetings are posted on our Facebook group and to the Yahoo group list.

If anyone wants the group to know about something, they should post to the Facebook group and the Yahoo group. It may be good to post to the Calon List and Facebook page also. Brigida volunteered to be the Guild’s social media person.

Members should bring items for show and tell to the next meeting. We should also bring largess donations to Coronation. We may want to gather together and present it to TRM.

Johanna sponsored a competition at Lilies. She is going back to working on her rose in any medium strap. She plans to have 11 yards of 32″ wide fabric done by coronation. Brigida will be doing cords for the Harpies and Hillians event.

We may do another Feel of Calontir at Coronation. We probably should do them at every crown tourney and coronation. We may want to do a raffle fundraiser at Kris Kinder or perhaps at the next Lilies. The idea for the raffle would be the outcome of a Sheep to Shawl competition. HL Kathryn Daggett will donate the fleece. We could have various prizes. Perhaps we could have teams compete. Members should consider recommendations for this so we can discuss it at the next meeting.

The Feel of Calontir at Lilies this year went pretty well. We were set up next to the line for Taste of Calontir. A few people came over to look. We may want to continue having it in conjunction with the Taste. Perhaps we could help the cooks with potholders and tablecloths.

Johanna announced that the next Figments and Filaments event (non-SCA) will be at Overland Park Kansas and will feature the author Gail Owen-Crocker. This event will be the North American debut of her next book. Anyone who wishes can volunteer to present a class. It does not need to be medieval. The website is [1]

Yours in Service,

HL Giraude Benet
Guild Head
Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild

Highlights from Kingdom A&S

Eleanor Deyeson invited to join the Order of the Laurel

Deinol of Llananno – Award of Arms
Margaret MacKenzie – Golden Calon Swan
Robert the Scot – Leather Mallet
Lote Winterborn – Golden Calon Swan
Vashti al-Asar – Golden Calon Swan
Vels inn Viggladi – Leather Mallet

Ishmala bin Yuhannah was sworn in as the new Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

Vels inn Viggladi is the new Kingdom A&S Champion

After consultation with the Order of the Laurel, HRM Ariel has declared Calontir A&S to be awesome!

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Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild news

Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild

Congratulations to Lady Kathryn Wynterbourne, our new Assistant Guild Head!

Many thanks also to HL Kathryn Daggett for running, and also for coordinating our upcoming “Feel of Calontir” at Lilies!

Yours in Service,

HL Giraude Benet
Guild Head
Calontir Fiber and Needle Guild