Correction: Information Summary for Gryphon’s Fest 2014: The Noble Beasts of Calontir

The feast info in the info summary posted today was incorrect. The correct feast information was posted a few days ago (

To recap the correct information:

Sur La Table:  Bread, Butter, “Puddleford Persimmon Chutney,” Assorted small pasties (beef, mushroom, pork)

1st course:  “Small game birds” with 2 sauces (one fruit, one rosewater), a “Tart of Greens”
2nd course:  Venison, Frumenty (a grain dish, similar to oatmeal, but with savory spices), Peas
3rd course:  Roast pork, Compote of apples and walnuts, Stuffed tubes (fried cheese)
Dessert: “Slices” (a pastry of figs, almonds, and raisins), Candied Orange Peel, and “Tart de Pommes” (apple pie)As previously mentioned, there will be an “off board” option, for anyone interested. The off-board will be all the dishes that are NOT specifically “meat.”  (The idea, here, is to bring your own meat-of-choice.  We will provide a place for the cooking of said meat.  We will then provide all the side dishes, drinks, and desserts…all this, for the lowlow price of $5.  Limit of 20 off-board tickets.)

Vegan alternatives can, and will *cheerfully* be, made available, on request (in advance, please!  I’m not asking for a paid pre-registration, just let me know, so that I can plan for the vegan substitutes I will need to buy).

I would be very grateful if anyone who is interested in either the “off board” option, or the vegan option, would please let me know, some time before Thursday, 9/25 (since that’s when I’ll be doing the bulk of my shopping).

Thanks, much.
Feast Steward, Gryphon’s Fest