Some Awards from Kris Kinder

Caitilin Inghean Aengusa became a Lady when she was granted her Award of Arms
Her Ladyship Maren Torskapiter received her Leather Mallet for making “pretty metal things”
Sir Duncan of Skeene became Calontir’s latest Earl Marshal
Magnus Thergrimsson received his Award of Arms to become a Lord.
Lord Garrioch Sotherlaend was encouraged to brew more “tasty things” and awarded a Leather Mallet.
Aelin Kausi was Awarded Arms for all her work with silent heraldry.
Lady Lee Ann Pugh was awarded a Golden Calon Swan in recognition of her skills with paint.

In a break from tradition, Her Majesty gave her QED for Chivalry early to Lord Soren atte Raven for inspiring her on the archery line.

And in a stirring and emotional presentation, His Excellency Avraham ben David Hakhazuri was granted an Augmentation to his arms for his “ceaseless battle against the chair called Bag”.

Cai Dubhghlas entered the Order of the Chivalry

Aline Swynbrook entered the Order of the Laurel