Krist Kinder Markt Court Summary, December 12, A.S. 50

The Baronage of Vatavia will be released.
Nethery of Safita is the new Clerk of Backlog Scrolls.
Kamiizumi Hirotarou was presented with his AoA scroll.  From Atlantia.  From 1984.
Victoria Antoinette de Sauvignon is the new Kingdom Minister of Youth.
Meadhbh inghean uí Shuibhne will be the new Kingdom Exchequer.
Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru – Order of the Laurel.
Queen’s Chalices were given to Eriksson and to Ariana.  Corrections to their names are most welcome by this reporter.
Paul Adler will be the new Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science.
Elynor of Glastonbury is the new Falcon Signet.
Miakushka Loshkina – Golden Calon Swan
Marie le Faivre – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction.
Magnus Anskegg – Order of the Pelican.
Günther Klaus von Stuttgart – Order of the Calon Lily.
Nethery of Safita – Order of the Jiminy Cricket.  After her induction, she was also granted a Court Baronage.
Katherine de Heilige – Order of the Laurel.