Crown Tournament Court Summaries, April 13, A.S. 53

On the field:
Duke Anton Raghelan and Lady Yseult de Michel were invested as Prince and Princess of Calontir.

Evening court:
Franco Suares – AoA
Tyr of Three Rivers – AoA
Isabel of Three Rivers – AoA
Padraig of Three Rivers – Leather Mallet
Nolan son of Bero – Queen’s Chalice
Michael of Sussex – Leather Mallet
Rosaline Fortescue – Golden Calon Swan
Matthew of Three Rivers – Torse

Other court tidings:
Prince Edmund of the Middle Kingdom invited one and all to the Middle Kingdom 50th Year Celebration.
Lord Otmar Eichman won the C&T tournament.
Mistress Luckie Glasbrenner, Baroness Gwendolyn verch Morgaine and Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen won the A&S competitions.
The Barony of Three Rivers presented largess and a tithe.
5 newcomers received mugs.
Their Majesties are accepting bids for replacement of items lost to bandits on the road to Gulf Wars: traveling crowns, His Majesty’s sword, Their Majesties’ thrones.
Donations to the Kingdom Regalia fund will be accepted.
Lord Andromir Vukovic is the new Kingdom Regalia Coordinator.
Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis was created a Herald Extraordinary by the authority of Mistress Brigida von München, Gold Falcon Principal Herald.
Honorable Lord Lawrence Taillefer the Leech (Known as Doc) and Mistress Geneviève de Chambéry will be invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Vatavia at the Tournament of Valor.
A boon was begged for Honorable Lady Emeline de Moulineaux to join the Order of the Pelican.

The Unicorn is Found (from the Unicorn Tapestries) 1495–1505, The Met Museum. CC0 license.