Fall Crown Tournament Court Summaries, 09 October, A.S. 56

On the field before the tourney:
Lyra of Spinning Winds – AoA

On the field after the tourney:
Hertog Hirsch Ross Eichmann and Hertogin Magdalena vander Meere were invested as Prince and Princess of Calontir.

In evening court:
Cecily Abbott – AoA
Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus – Iren Fyrd
Konáll bosull – Iren Hirth
Yseult de Michel – Leather Mallet
Jóka in rauða – Golden Calon Swan
Tove Brianesdohter – AoA
Mathias Worcestershire – AoA
Worgan Madoc “Nine Fingers” – Leather Mallet
Anna Plantyn – Calon Cross
Visvamitra Yavana – Leather Mallet
Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato – Stile Hirth

Other court tidings:
Master Mellitus of Rouncivale presented largess from the Lampworkers of Calontir.
Honorable Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla brought news of the upcoming Toys for Tots event.
Lady Leofwyna le May, as steward of the event, brought largess from the Barony of Mag Mor.
The cast pewtwer medallions made by Honorable Lord Paul Adler, of blessed memory, won the A&S competition. The prize was accepted by Honorable Lady Dulcibella de Chateaurien.
8 newcomers received mugs.
Lord Jon Chesey brought news of the upcoming Gryphon’s Fest event.

Battle of Eben-Ezer, AD 250

Hirsch The Victor In First Crown Tournament After Pandemic

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

HG Hirsch Ross Eichmann, fighting for HG Magdalena vander Meere has won the Calontir Crown Tournament this day, October 9th A.S. LVI, being 2021 in the common reckoning.

This being the first Crown Tournament fought since the onset of the Great Pandemic, there was much anticipation of the event, and great joy at the revelation of the newest Heirs to the Calon Throne.


Announcement: From Their Royal Majesties – Crown List


Below is the list for Our upcoming Crown Tournament. Thank you to all who submitted letters to continue to uphold Calontir traditions and work toward the betterment of our Kingdom.

Sir Mathieu Chartrain for Her Grace Aislinn Morcroft

Hertzog Hirsch Ross Eichmann for Hertzogan Magdalena vander Meere

His Grace Tristram of Lindesfarne for Mistress Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd

His Grace Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis for Honorable Lord Andromir Vukovic

His Excellency Duncan Bruce of Logan for Her Excellency Ylva Jonsdottir

Lord Jon Chesey for Their Excellency Yseult de Michel

Sir Sean of the Chipendales for Mistress Meadhbh inghean uí Shuibhne

Sir Duncan Mac Torquill for Honorable Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla

Riddari Arnfast Rikkardsson for Honorable Lady Aesileif Jotunsdottir

Master Jack Banyard for Mistress Caera Wythers

Master Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl for Mistress Helena Soranzo

Lord Christopher Atrox for Mistress Miranda Logansdottir

Honorable Lord Cearr mac Brendan for Lady Fionnghuala inghean ui Fhallamhain

Honorable Lord Visvamitra Yavana for Lady Korinna the Scythian

Honorable Lord Orren Tokesson for Lyra of Spinning Winds

Lord Melchor Eichmann for Lady Lisette of Three Rivers

Lord Rheinhart Eichmann for Lady Furia Cincinnata, Swan

Lord Emerick Blackpool for Lord Oswyn Moon

Lord Develin Ó Sirideáin for Lady Jöka in Raudi


From Their Majesties: Crown Tournament Postponed


This morning Tamar and I woke to the drizzle here on our estates and could for a moment pretend it was the patter of rain on canvas. This #virtualgulfwars has been good for our souls, and ask you to continue finding ways to rally and support one another.

But this morning also bears bad news, I have heard the first “friend of a friend” reports, and while Calontir by and large stands strong and healthy the rest of the Known Worlde does not fair as well.

Given the National State of Emergency, the suggestions of the Board, and the advice and wisdom we have been able to gather;
We will be extending the suspension of organized Calontir SCA activities through April 30.

This means that Spring Crown Tournament has been suspended and is now planned for June 13, 2020, the first weekend of our Lilies War. Letters of intent, therefore, are now due by May 30.

These decisions are made under certain assumptions that no further governmental restrictions arise, but gives us the flexibility to react again if the “all clear” is not given by that time.

We will be constantly reviewing the situation and making adjustments to see to the future of Calontir and the safety of our people.

We want to publicly thank our Witan and Thiegns for their wisdom. Our Baronies, Shires, and Cantons for their Patience. And our People for their Heart.

Your Fealty has our eternal Love.
Your Service has every honor we can bestow.

You will not stand alone.
Lucian and Tamar

Fall Crown Tournament Court Summaries, 12-13 October, A.S. 54

On the field Saturday:
Proconsul Marius Lucian Fidelis and Mistress Tamar bat Avraham were invested as Prince and Princess of Calontir.

Saturday evening court:
Lillian de Champagne – AoA
Astryd gleðill – Golden Calon Swan
Æþelwyn æt Ulancumbe – AoA
Katherine von Heilige – Leather Mallet

Other court tidings:
15 newcomers received mugs.
The Barony of Forgotten Sea presented largess.
Honorable Lord Rashid ibn Ahmad al-Raʼis received the scroll for his Iren Hirth, which he was granted at Pennsic A.S. 54.

Sunday morning court:
Donngal Eriksson – Pelican

Other court tidings:
Honorable Lord Gerald Kendall and Mistress Alianora Jehannette des Amandiers will be invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea at the Krist Kinder Market.

French miniature, 14th Century. Nature offers Machaut three of her children – Sense, Rhetoric, and Music. Public domain in the US

Ladies of the Rose, Consorts and Guests Cordially Invited to a Stile Pas d’Armes

A great Stile Pas d’Armes has been declared for the afternoon of October the Twelfth, following the Tournament to find the Heirs of Calontir.

All Ladies of the Rose as well as Consorts of the Contestants from the day and all they invite to join them, are cordially invited to join a great Gallery to witness and judge the acts of puissance, honor, chivalry and courtesy performed at said Pas.

Their Royal Majesties will present a worthy gift, a buckler made by Master Ravasz Janos, shown below.  Other prizes will be made available for the Gallery’s gift, and in addition the members of the Gallery are encouraged to offer praise and favor to those who they find worthy.

Please join us for a pleasant afternoon of guts and gore…er, um…sport, in honor of Crown, Heirs, Kingdom and the Art of Steel!

Master Mathurin Kerbusso



Crown Tournament Court Summaries, April 13, A.S. 53

On the field:
Duke Anton Raghelan and Lady Yseult de Michel were invested as Prince and Princess of Calontir.

Evening court:
Franco Suares – AoA
Tyr of Three Rivers – AoA
Isabel of Three Rivers – AoA
Padraig of Three Rivers – Leather Mallet
Nolan son of Bero – Queen’s Chalice
Michael of Sussex – Leather Mallet
Rosaline Fortescue – Golden Calon Swan
Matthew of Three Rivers – Torse

Other court tidings:
Prince Edmund of the Middle Kingdom invited one and all to the Middle Kingdom 50th Year Celebration.
Lord Otmar Eichman won the C&T tournament.
Mistress Luckie Glasbrenner, Baroness Gwendolyn verch Morgaine and Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen won the A&S competitions.
The Barony of Three Rivers presented largess and a tithe.
5 newcomers received mugs.
Their Majesties are accepting bids for replacement of items lost to bandits on the road to Gulf Wars: traveling crowns, His Majesty’s sword, Their Majesties’ thrones.
Donations to the Kingdom Regalia fund will be accepted.
Lord Andromir Vukovic is the new Kingdom Regalia Coordinator.
Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis was created a Herald Extraordinary by the authority of Mistress Brigida von München, Gold Falcon Principal Herald.
Honorable Lord Lawrence Taillefer the Leech (Known as Doc) and Mistress Geneviève de Chambéry will be invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Vatavia at the Tournament of Valor.
A boon was begged for Honorable Lady Emeline de Moulineaux to join the Order of the Pelican.

The Unicorn is Found (from the Unicorn Tapestries) 1495–1505, The Met Museum. CC0 license.