Court Summaries from Lilies War, June 7-16, A.S. 54

As the War of the Lilies has multiple opportunities for court, this reporter could not be everywhere and attend all courts. Therefore, I apologize in advance for any missing awards and/or misspelled names, and will gratefully accept corrections to this report. Please contact me at DorcasWhitecap (at) gmail (dot) com

Saturday evening court, June 8:
Kolsveinn Stýrismaðr – Torse
Tatar-un Sechen – AoA
Allison of Forgotten Sea – Calon Cross
Kennocht Armstrang – Leather Mallet
Eilish nee Salee del Ray – AoA
Samuel Strangefellow – AoA
Uldin of Ravenscroft – Court Baron
Sung Sai-erh – Court Baroness
Johann Steinarsson – Pelican
Marius Lucian Fidelis – Keeper of the Flame

Other court tidings Saturday evening:
15 newcomers received mugs.
Honorable Lord Lawrence Taillefer the Leech and Mistress Geneviève de Chambéry were invested as Baronage of Vatavia. They presented a gift of scutari blanks to Their Majesties.
The Barony of Vatavia presented gifts to Uldin and Sung.
Their Excellencies Owen and Malkin of Gryphon’s Lair presented gifts on behalf of Their Majesties of Artemisia.

Sunday field courts, June 9:
Alan Smyith of Darkdale – Master of Defense
Gaius Flavius Auxilius – Chivalry

Thursday field courts, June 13:
Emeline de Moulineaux – Pelican
Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato – Stile Fyrd
Devlin O’Sirideain – Stile Fyrd
Erik Tokesson – Iren Hirth
Eleanor nic Duncan – Golden Calon Swan

Friday evening court, June 14:
Rima al-Wadi – Silver Hammer
Skapti eldboðungr – AoA
Miranda Logansdottir – Leather Mallet
Caitilín inghean Uí Lochlainn – Torse
Cara Wythers – Calon Cross
Lothar der Rote – Calon Cross
Moon Hides the Sun – Golden Calon Swan
Andromir Vukovic – Calon Lily
Salvatore of Forgotten Sea – Leather Mallet
Morgan Brown – Falcon’s Claw
Katherine von Heilige – Iren Fyrd
Bataciqan-nu ko’un Ashir – Laurel

Other court tidings Friday evening:
16 newcomers received mugs.
Mistress Kristine nic Tallieur will be the new Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science.
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont announced that bids are being accepted for Lilies War 2020.

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US