Fall Crown Tournament Court Summaries, 09 October, A.S. 56

On the field before the tourney:
Lyra of Spinning Winds – AoA

On the field after the tourney:
Hertog Hirsch Ross Eichmann and Hertogin Magdalena vander Meere were invested as Prince and Princess of Calontir.

In evening court:
Cecily Abbott – AoA
Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus – Iren Fyrd
Konáll bosull – Iren Hirth
Yseult de Michel – Leather Mallet
Jóka in rauða – Golden Calon Swan
Tove Brianesdohter – AoA
Mathias Worcestershire – AoA
Worgan Madoc “Nine Fingers” – Leather Mallet
Anna Plantyn – Calon Cross
Visvamitra Yavana – Leather Mallet
Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato – Stile Hirth

Other court tidings:
Master Mellitus of Rouncivale presented largess from the Lampworkers of Calontir.
Honorable Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla brought news of the upcoming Toys for Tots event.
Lady Leofwyna le May, as steward of the event, brought largess from the Barony of Mag Mor.
The cast pewtwer medallions made by Honorable Lord Paul Adler, of blessed memory, won the A&S competition. The prize was accepted by Honorable Lady Dulcibella de Chateaurien.
8 newcomers received mugs.
Lord Jon Chesey brought news of the upcoming Gryphon’s Fest event.

Battle of Eben-Ezer, AD 250