Count and Countess Scroll for Their Excellencies Matsunaga and Elena

Count and Countess Scroll for Their Excellencies Matsunaga and Elena

Presented by Logan kunung and Ylva drottning at Coronation July 9, AS 51 (2016)

By Aidan Cocrinn, OL  © Holly Cochran July 2016


One of the many highlights of Summer Coronation, held July 9, 2016 in the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui, was the investiture of Matsunaga and Elena as Count and Countess. In commemoration of their Reign, both received their County coronets from the hands of their Heirs, Logan and Ylva. In addition, scrolls with the words of the new Crown were presented. Below are the texts of those scrolls, along with photos. Truly, both awards were wonders to behold.

Aidan Cocrinn, OL

Royal Scribe for Matsunaga and Elena, with gratitude and thanks for that great honor


Countess Scroll for Her Excellency Elena text was crafted by Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah. The scroll itself was created by Baroness Neathery of Safita.

Right trusty and well-beloved we greet you well.  It hath pleased the goodness of Almighty God of his infinite mercy and grace to deliver unto this glorious kingdom this great lady called Elena Moreno del Mar.  By the prowess and might of Matsunaga Kagetora she was made his consort and brought great joy and comfort to all the good and loving subjects of the realm.  This singular rose has mighty thorns and shielded her people on campaign when the winds turned tempest, she gave wise council to all, and kept her head at all times.

It is our great pleasure and inward desire that you continue to give comfort and consolation to our people.  We therefore by this letter advise you that you are made a countess of our realm and are given lands equal to our esteem for you.  We bequeath you the Wardenry of Royal Forests near the Crystal Mines where you may build a home with no less than four chimneys and may hunt and hawk at your pleasure.

We undoubtedly desire that you continue to give laud and praise to all subjects of our heart regardless of rank, and pray for the good health, prosperity, and continual preservation of our realm.

Given under our signet in the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui this 9th day of July, in the 50th year of our Society.


Scroll by Baroness Neathery of Safita, text by Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah

Scroll by Baroness Neathery of Safita, text by Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah

The County scroll for Matsunaga was created by Viscount Master Christopher Reuben Montoya, formerly of Atenvelt, now residing in Grimfells. The text was crafted by Master Andrixos.

Cease Kamikaze

Blow no more, heavenly wind

Upon King, upon Kingdom

Rising Sun has brought storm’s end

In calm, all recall tempest


Reclaim lost pillow

Traveler’s cushion far wandered

From home of the dawn

To land entranced by sunsets

Path of pillow was king’s road


Brought from the Nippon

To Heartland and to Shogun

Hail, Matsunaga.

Wind-driver and wind-driven

Strong gale blew through Calontir


Eight corners he saw

As Falcon soaring above

Lifted by wind’s strength

Soft breeze brought he to the land

Spring’s zephyrs caused winter’s rout


He subdued blizzard

And sought stronger storm to test

Led samurai south

To war field well windswept

Foes all dispersed by his gust


Gods keep man humble

After victor’s council held

Divine bellows turned

Brought rain like forge’s fire

Fortress strong sacked by wind-flood


Among folk he strode

Seeing aid brought to needy

Raising homes sunk low

Sheltering people from fear

Here he did gust as a king


Like a willow tree

Falcon tribe withstood the storm

Plans for new fortress

Stories of maelstroms survived

Realm prepared for a new calm


O Matsunaga

Storm bringer in war’s fury

For kingship, well worn.

Headband bright like Rising Sun

And high honors earned granted.

 By these words did Duncan Rex and Ylva Regina recognize Matsunaga Kagetori as a Count, and endow him with such rights and obligations accompanying such elevation, including a coronet of gold embattled.  Done on the ninth day of July in the Land of the Ring of Red Boars, in the fifty first year of the Society

Scroll by Viscount Master Christopher Reuben Montoya, words by Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis

Scroll by Viscount Master Christopher Reuben Montoya, words by Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis

From the artist: It is written in the Japanese form of 10 Tankas; A 57577 syllable arrangement. The scroll itself is done with Sumi-e (black ink brush, and the painting depicts Fujin, the Japanese wind god, and Matsunaga fighting while His Excellency is protecting beloved Calontir behind him. The scroll text is in English, scribed in Japanese letter characters.  It is written in the “kanji” form (vertical columns/right to left) over Suminagashi (floating ink or marbled) paper. The Silk horizontal scroll frame is by Blue Heron Arts and mounting was done by the scribe.


Next from this author: H.L. Vels created an amazing addition to the Royal Scribe’s office, which was gifted to TRM and the RS Office at Coronation. Read ALL the details and see the amazing close-up photos in the next article.


Royal Scribe Box by HL Vels- Front Panel. Just a teaser!

Royal Scribe Box by HL Vels- Front Panel. Just a teaser!


CORRECTION: This post has been corrected to reflect Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah as the author of the scroll text for Countess Elena. Also, Viscount Master Christopher originally hails from Atenveldt. The author deeply regrets these errors.



Dragon Scale Book

Custom Books for Count Matsunaga and Countess Elena

Custom Books for Count Matsunaga and Countess Elena

Gifted Upon the Occasion of the Coronation of Their Heirs

Crafted by Lord SeanAngus Macduinnchinn

Article by Aidan Cocrinn OL  mka Holly Cochran © July 2016


Summer Coronation 2016, celebrating the crowning of Krununger Logan and Drotting Ylva was held in the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui on July 9. 2016. The event drew a spectacular crowd from across the Kingdom, and even visitors from outside the Falcon Borders.

Before Coronation Court, I had the distinct honor of presenting TRM Matsunaga and Elena with a gift from Their Scribes and Text Writers, hand-made by Lord SeanAngus Macduinnchinn (mka Christopher Brown) from the Barony of V’Tavia. He had driven all Friday evening and Saturday in the pre-dawn hours to deliver these treasures to me before opening Court.

Each preprint scroll included in the books had the name of the text writer, the calligrapher and the illuminator noted on the scroll. The inside covers are pieces of the Royal Pavilion which gave its life at Gulf Wars. His Grace Ostwald provided the fabric to me in secret some months prior to his passing, not knowing the ultimate purpose – only that it was to go for a stepping-down gift for Matsu and Elena.


Inside Cover Elena's Book

Inside cover of each book is crafted from a piece of the Royal Pavilion, which gave its life at Gulf Wars, 2016



Dragon Scale Book

Matsunaga’s “Dragon Scale” style book, unrolled, displaying the preprints of the Reign.
















These books, then, contain not only the gifts of the Scribes and the Text Writers, as well as the gifts of the very talented Ld. SeanAngus, but a piece of the very heart of Calontir’s Living room and a memory of Duke Sir Ostwald, as well. We hope Their Excellencies will smile when they glance through the memories of Their Reign.

In Service-

Royal Scribe to Matsunaga and Elena

Aidan Cocrinn, OL

Lord SeanAngus provided the following information regarding the books, his process and the documentation he used to produce them. He also provided the photos included in this article. These are the words of Ld. SeanAngus Macduinnchinn:

HRM Matsunaga received a scroll of pre-printed scrolls, which when unfurled and hung from a dowel, which appears as the scales of an Asian dragon. The name of the scroll format is “Dragon Scale” scroll. This binding is sometimes called xuanfeng zhuang (“fluttering in the wind” or whirlwind binding). While it is not the traditional, single scroll Kakejiku, we see the lineage in its transferal from the Buddhist monks of the mainland to Japan, as was the codex bindings of the teachings of Buddha.

From these roots in China came the transition of the scroll to the codex, the “Dragon scale scroll” as fleeting in history as the cherry blossoms in spring. Few Extant examples exist in China. Examples from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and sometimes the rare dragon bound book, can be found in the National Palace Museum.

(Ref: “Dragon Scale Binding: The Rebirth of an Ancient Bookbinding Technique”
(Ref: “International Dunhuang Project”


Rolled Book

Matsunaga’s Dragon Scale Book – Rolled




Example of Dragon Scale Book – Semi-unfurled


HRM Elena received a Coptic binding of single sheets of pre-printed scrolls. This binding is found throughout the Mediterranean area including mainland Spain, largely due to the Arabic influence there from around 700-1500. The Coptic binding is particularly suited to single sheet bindings, having been used in the earliest known “true” codices, for both legal and religious preservation of writing.


Cover of Countess Elena’s Book depicting Her Heraldic Device Elements



Spine of Her Excellency’s Book, showing the Coptic style of bookbinding

(Ref: “The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding by J.A. Szirmai “)

Each binding contains a piece of the Purple Pavilion destroyed in the 2016 Gulf War storms.

These bindings were produced as a keepsake of Their Reign, and may serve as a reminder of the inspiration each member of the SCA provides to one another.

SeanAngus Macduinnchinn (c) July 2016




Winter Coronation News

From the event stewards, via the CalonList:

Lords and Ladies of Calontir,

As the days grow short so too does the time until the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Anton and Isabeau, now just one month away.  As the event draws near we ask that you take another look at the event website:
We especially direct your attention to the Calon Steel page, which now has details for the Calon Steel portion of the Tournament of Fallen Crests:
And also to the list of crew chiefs:
We welcome assistance in all areas, especially site setup, gate shifts, feast serving, and cleanup.  If you are interested in helping with any part of the event, please contact the appropriate crew chief.  Contact information for most crew chiefs can be found on the website.  For those that do not, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.
Your Servants,
Edward and Geva de Kent

Awards at the Coronation of Agammenon and Gwen

At the final court of Their Majesties Martino and Ariel

Lord Ulfr Thyrsion – Order of the Torse
Lady Tola Rufusdottir – Order of the Torse
His Lordship Jawhar ibn Akmal el Gazi – Order of the Calon Cross
Christopher Atrox – Award of Arms
Lord Zack – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction, Courtesy
Lady Alessandra de Piro – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction, Chivalry
Ladyship Maren Þorskapitr – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction, The Ideals of the Society

Other recognition
Her Ladyship Konstantia Kaloethina was thanked by Their Majesties for initiating the Noblesse Largesse project, and was gifted a Byzantine garment
Lady Nesscia inghenn Chearnaigh was thanked by Their Majesties for her work in Silent Heraldry

At the Court of Their Majesties Agamemnon and Gwen

On the field
Alwyn of Standing Stones – Order of the Iren Fyrd

His Lordship Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg – Order of the Iren Hyrd
Lady Francesca of Three Rivers – Award of Arms
Lord Janos Katona – Order of the Iren Fyrd
Her Ladyship Kristine nic Tallieur – Order of the Torse
Her Excellency Ermosinda de Ystra – Baroness of Their Majesties’ Court
His Lordship Mar of Grimfells – invited into the Order of the Chivalry

Open Roundtable Discussion With Royal Peers at Coronation

In place of Her Rose Ceremony, Her Majesty Ariel has requested I organize a roundtable discussion for ALL those people interested in discussing with Royal Peers what it is to sit the Falcon Thrones as King and Queen of our wonderful Kingdom.

Date: July 12th, 2014
Time: shortly after morning court
Place: sanctuary where morning court was held

Any Royal Peer interested in participating is welcome to attend. There will be light refreshments available.

On behalf of all Royal Peers, we look forward to seeing people there.

Contesse Issabell

Heraldic Garb Contest And Fashion Show

Greetings, Calontir!

Konstantia, Gold Falcon Principal Herald, is sponsoring a Heraldic Garb contest and fashion show to take place at Agamemnon and Gwen’s Coronation in July in Lost Moor.

The contest is the best use of heraldry in one’s garb, whether it be personal heraldry, kingdom heraldry, badges, etc. This promises to be fun, and it’s a great way to get in touch with your own heraldry as your persona would have.

There is a need for judges and prizes. If you can contribute, please let Konstantia know via email! Also, please tell your local groups!

The contest is the best use of heraldry in one’s garb, whether it be personal heraldry, kingdom heraldry, badges, etc. This promises to be fun, and it’s a great way to get in touch with your own heraldry.

Rules are as follows:

1. The garment must be an SCA period piece of clothing. Great examples are surcotes, cotehardies, etc. There is no limit to time period or culture, as long as it is represented within the scope of the SCA’s area of study.

1.a: Heraldic decoration must be done in a way consistent with garment treatment as done in period.

2. The garment must have heraldry represented on it, whether that is a badge, personal heraldry, or kingdom heraldry. The heraldry does not have to be registered, however, it is encouraged.

3. Group entries, yes, are accepted and encouraged.

4. Documentation is not required, but definitely encouraged. (and may score you bonus points!)


If you have questions, please feel free to let Konstantia know. Her email is

Konstantia, Gold Falcon