Equestrian Challenge for Cattle Raids

Harvested from the Calontir list:

Announcing A Greco-Persian Equestrian Challenge for Cattle Raids!

It is now in your hands to enslave Athens or make her free, and thereby leave behind for all posterity a memorial such as not even Harmodius and Aristogeiton left. Now the Athenians have come to their greatest danger since they first came into being, and, if we surrender, it is clear what we will suffer when handed over to Hippias. But if the city prevails, it will take first place among the Greek cities.

– Herodotus, The Histories

About the Challenge: The theme for Cattle Raids 2014 is the Greco-Persian Wars between the Achaemenid Empire of Persia and the Greek city-states from 499 – 449 BC.  Cavalry were an important part of that conflict.  The elements of this challenge are mostly taken from On the Cavalry Commander, a book by the Greek writer Xenophon (430 – 354 BC).

The Prizes: The prizes for this challenge will be contributed by the entrants.  As Xenophon wrote:

And if you could offer prizes to the regiments for skill in all the feats that the public expects the cavalry to perform at the spectacles, I think this would appeal strongly to the spirit of emulation in every Athenian.  For evidence of this I may refer to the [Greek plays], in which many labours and heavy expenses are the price paid for trifling rewards.

We encourage everyone to heed Xenophon’s words: No trifling rewards!  🙂

The Course: A full description and course diagram will be posted online shortly, but the course includes a procession, heraldry (so start working on your intro now! and pull out those banners!), maneuvering on horseback, javelin throwing, simulated polo, bonus points for riding the course bareback, and more!

TO RESERVE A STALL (or if you have any Questions): Contact the Honorable Lady Eowyth þa Siðend at Eowyth@Gmail.com

The Honorable Lady Katrin Bjarnarsdottir will also be hosting an Evening Tournament! More details and a full schedule to be posted as plans are completed.


In Service,

THL Eowyth þa Siðend

Equestrian Practices Scheduled

Two Equestrian practices have been scheduled for the month of August. These are not full events, but official practices to help those interested in getting involved with equestrian activities to prepare before events this fall.

August 3rd, 2014: Morning until done
Official Practice
Shire of Carlsby – Ottawa, KS 66067 – Please RSVP if you plan to attend (flynthyllsgypsy@gmail.com)
Contact: Iolair Durfee, EqMIC: Svana Lutusdottir

August 16th, 2014
Shire of Crystal Mynes, Diamond, MO (e-mail for full address)
EqMIC: Chrystopher: cowboyenough4u@juno.com
Contact: Rhiannon: rhiannonocm@yahoo.com

For a full list of Equestrian Events this fall go to the Calontir Equestrian website, http://www.calontirequestrian.org

Hobby Horse Races and Games at the Grand Tournament of Horse & Falcon

Oyez Oyez! Greetings, to the Good Gentles of Calontir and Friendly Visiting Neighbors!

This Sunday Evening, at the Grand Tournament of Horse & Falcon, there will be Hobby Horse Races and Games! Oh My! So come join us at the (area to be determined, probably Equestrian Arena) for this fundraiser for the Calontir Ministry of Youth. Funds raised will support such things as Lilies Youth Activities, the Teen Tent, and More! Come out and support our youth by donating for a chance to ride a noble steed (of the felt persuasion), sponsor a rider to ride in your honor, or just to support our Youth! We will play at the games that you shall see earlier that day, based upon medieval training techniques for equestrians. There will be a Grand Hobby Horse Processional through camp before the start of the activities, so if you’d like to claim a steed, be sure to find me earlier that day (I’ll likely be near or in the equestrian arena all day.) There will even be SNACKS (additional snack donations welcome). So come out for a night full of fun, excitement, and PONIES!
ALL Donations will be for the Calontir MOY.

Full Disclosure: Grand Procession idea inspired by the ever glorious Ealdormere cavalry seen at this past year’s Gulf War. Many thanks to Their Graces Nigel and Adrielle for always providing inspiration for shenanigans.

Second Full Disclosure: Sponsoring a rider or donating for the chance to ‘ride’ does NOT INCLUDE actual equine living and breathing steeds. These will be hobby horses of the medieval variety made of cloth and wood. Just so everyone is clear – these will be HOBBY horse games.

Third Full Disclosure: This will take the place of my normally scheduled “Youth and Equine Meet & Greet”. However, Kacey of the Flaming Hooves will still be in attendance for any youth (or adult) to meet. So be sure to come over and give his nose a friendly pat!

Ever in Service,
THL Eowyth þa Siðend
Inspired by Slaine, Apple, Fiondel, and the youth of Calontir