Laurel “Scroll” for Cathus the Curious

Laurel Scroll for Master Cathus the Curious

Text by Mistress Aidan Cocrinn, Candle Stand by Dammo Uttweiler, Calligraphy and Illumination by Mistress Luckie Galsbrenner



Candle stand/scroll for Cathus the Curious


Main Laurel Scroll for Cathus the Curious

Main Laurel Scroll for Cathus the Curious



Behold now ye the chandler ever toiling

Making his lights for others own workings


Now see the dancer, lightly his treading

Spinning, weaving, joyous in his laughing


He is music maker, knowledge giver

Thus is Cathus, curious and clever


Lead Falcon college by BelAnna’s word

Rebirth the learning, RUSH too long deferred


These things are worthy, honorable, just

Laurel honor and peerage certain must


Logan and Ylva, Crowns of Calontir

Raise Cathus the Curious to a Peer


Know all those who read this, henceforth all know

From today ever forward We do bestow


Cathus his Laurel by Our Hand is done

17 September in Year Fifty-One.

Laurel Scroll and Cup for Marius Lucian Fidelis

Laurel Scroll and Cup for His Excellency Marius Lucian Fidelis

Text by Master Sir Angus of Blackmoor, Translation to Latin by Grumio Dixon, Calligraphy and Illumination by Mistress Mirabel Wynne

Cup by Mistress Katherine von Helige



Writ by Mistress Mirabel

Laurel Scroll and Cup for Marius Lucian Fidelis


Proconsul Marius Lucianus Fidelis Artifex
Invited into
Order of the Laurel
On the ides of September
From the hands of Duncan Bruce, Rex Calontirii
and Ilva, Regina Calontirii

and the Latin translation he had done by Grumio:



Cup created by Mistress Katherine de Helige

Cup created by Mistress Katherine von Helige, photos courtesy of Mistress Katherine


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