Introducing the Modern Public to Renaissance Food

On Valentines’ Day, in Brookings, SD, Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté and Lord Angus de Botha (Suzanne and Angus Booth) of Calontir’s Barony of the Lonely Tower will be giving the residents of this town a taste of Bartolomeo Scappi’s world.
In conjunction with the Wooden Legs Brewing Company (a local brew pub with ties to the SCA community), Suzanne and Angus will be preparing a 4-course dinner with beer pairings for 40 lucky guests.

1st Course (Beer Pairing – Blonde)

Garlic Cheese Tarts
Cucumber Salad
Basalmic SpicedShrimp

2nd Course (Beer Pairing – Farmhouse)

Spiced Chicken Breast with Lemons Above
Pasta Romaneschi
Carrots in Vinaigrette

3rd Course (Beer Pairing – Steam)

Coppiette (Italian-style bacon-wrapped beef kabobs)
Baked Risotto
Roman Broccoli

4th Course (Beer Pairing – Chocolate Stout)

Rose Apple Cheesecake Tarts
Sliced Cheese & Pears
Walnuts in Red Wine Syrup

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