Cattle Raids Feast Menu

Greetings Calontir! Cattle Raids is quickly approaching in the Barony of Mag Mor. August 23rd will soon be upon us. We hope that many of you can attend. If you are still considering whether to make the trek, please allow your stomach to make the decision for you. Mistress Gwyneth Espicier has a most wonderful feast planned for us. It should not be missed!

Seraphina Brugari
Baroness of Mag Mor
Autocrat Cattle Raids 2014

Cattle Raids 2014 Feast
Ancient Greco-Persian Feast
Feast fee $10
80 seats available

1st course (Greek & Persian)
Fresh Cheese (Plain and Garlic)
Olive Tapenade
Herb Omelet

2nd course (Persian)
Chicken Stew with Walnut and Pomegranate
Jasmine Rice
Persian Yogurt with Cucumber

3rd course (Greek)
Pork & Beef Skewers
Stewed Mushrooms

Sweets (both Greek & Persian)
Date & Pistachio Balls


Fresh Cheese, Plain and Garlic –- (milk, enzymes, salt) and (milk, enzymes, salt, garlic)

Olive Tapenade — black & green olives, cilantro, fennel greens, mint, cumin seeds, wine vinegar, olive oil

Bread -– wheat flour, salt, milk, yeast, egg, butter, vegetable oil

Meatballs –- beef, bread crumbs (wheat flour, yeast, salt, aniseed, coriander seed, nigella seed), onion, egg, oregano, mint, parsley, salt, pepper

Herb Omelet –- egg, green onion, olive oil, parsley, cilantro, dill, spinach, fenugreek, wheat flour, salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, coriander seed

Chicken Stew with Walnut and Pomegranate –- chicken, chicken stock, onions, butter, olive oil, pomegranate, walnuts, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper

Jasmine Rice –- rice, salt

Persian Yogurt with Cucumber –- yogurt, cucumber, mint, salt, pepper

Pork & Beef Skewers –- pork marinated in olive oil, garlic, thyme, oregano, salt, pepper and beef marinated in olive oil, wine vinegar, cumin, dill, salt, marjoram, thyme

Stewed Chickpeas –- chick peas, green onions, olive oil, garlic, cumin, sage, coriander seed, salt, sesame paste

Stewed Mushrooms –- mushrooms, olive oil, fish sauce, honey, pepper, lovage

Cheesecake –- cottage cheese, wheat flour, egg, honey, poppy seed

Date & Pistachio Balls –- date, pistachio

Introducing the Modern Public to Renaissance Food

On Valentines’ Day, in Brookings, SD, Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté and Lord Angus de Botha (Suzanne and Angus Booth) of Calontir’s Barony of the Lonely Tower will be giving the residents of this town a taste of Bartolomeo Scappi’s world.
In conjunction with the Wooden Legs Brewing Company (a local brew pub with ties to the SCA community), Suzanne and Angus will be preparing a 4-course dinner with beer pairings for 40 lucky guests.

1st Course (Beer Pairing – Blonde)

Garlic Cheese Tarts
Cucumber Salad
Basalmic SpicedShrimp

2nd Course (Beer Pairing – Farmhouse)

Spiced Chicken Breast with Lemons Above
Pasta Romaneschi
Carrots in Vinaigrette

3rd Course (Beer Pairing – Steam)

Coppiette (Italian-style bacon-wrapped beef kabobs)
Baked Risotto
Roman Broccoli

4th Course (Beer Pairing – Chocolate Stout)

Rose Apple Cheesecake Tarts
Sliced Cheese & Pears
Walnuts in Red Wine Syrup

Upcoming Feasts


Saturday, February 15, 2014
Feast Steward: HL Fiondel Songspinner
Come enjoy the hearty German fare provided for our Changeling Feast in the evening following court. In celebration of Mardi Gras, we will once again host a “Changeling Feast” like in the days of old. Come as you are normally not – trade clothing with your friends, dress in a different era or geography from your normal persona, or maybe even come as a play on words or wear a masque to hide your true identify. This is an opportunity to have fun and be creative.
Additional entertainment will be provided during feast as well
Menu (subject to change as details are finalized): (v)=vegetarian
Auf Dem Tisch
Heathen Cakes (small dough pasties with bacon, apple, and pepper)
Hearty bread (multigrain) with butter (v)
Meat tray
Roasted “Milk” (vegan)
First Course
Hens from Greece (roasted chicken baked in pie)
Food of beans with flat bread (v)
Second Course
Beef or pork in Shallot and wine sauce
A food of pears (v)
Rice from Greece (v)
Fashing doughnuts (v)
Grape Pudding
Snow (whipped cream, served with fruit sauces)
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Feast Steward: Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté
A Roman Feast based on the Writings of Apicius
Lustratio – Hand Washing
Gustum (Appetizers) – 1st Course
Ova Elixa – Hard Boiled Eggs w sauce (garum, garlic, olive oil, pepper)
Panis focacius – Flatbread / Foccacia (flour, sugar, yeast, olive oil, sea salt)
Appendix Vergiliana, Moretum – Cheese Round with Herbs (goat cheese, garlic, cloves, celery, coriander, salt)
Salsum Sine Salso – Liver Pate (chicken liver, white pepper, garum, olive oil, crushed black pepper)
Epityrum – Olive Paste (olives, olive oil, vinegar, coriander, cumin, fennel, mint)
Mensa prima: cena prima – 2nd Course
Pullum Paroptum – Roasted Chicken (chicken, pepper, garlic, parsley, broth, oil)
Carotae – Fried Carrots (carrots, olive oil, white wine, salt, pepper)
Cucumeres rasos – Cucumber Salad (Cucumbers, garum)
Bolitos Aliter – Grilled Mushroom Caps (mushrooms, salt, olive oil, broth, wine, pepper, honey, roux (flour, oil))
Mensa prima: cena alterna – 3rd Course
Aprum Assum iura Ferventia Facies – Roasted Boar (pork) with Cooked Sauce
Aliter Betas Elixas – Beets with Mustard (beets, whole grain mustard, oil, vinegar)
Aliter Curcurbitas Frictas – Fried Squash (squash, olive oil, wine, salt, pepper)
Lustratio – Hand Washing
Mensa secunda – 4th Course
Pear Patina – Pear Custard (pears, white wine, honey, pepper, cumin, passum/raisin wine)
Dulcia Domestica – Stuffed Dates (dates, coarsely ground walnuts, salt, honey, red wine)