Spring Issue of Quivers and Quarrels Now Available

Quivers and Quarrels, the SCA newsletter for all things archery,  is now available at


Articles include:

Some of the many articles in this issue are:

  • Winter SSAC scores
  • IKAC 2014 final results
  • A write up of “Better War Through Archery”
  • Interview with THL Padraig MacRaighne
  • Perspectives on being a Kingdom Archery Champion
  • The Learning Archer: Research, Scholarship and Critical Thought

Omnibus Peerage Proposal Submitted to SCA Board of Directors | The Æthelmearc Gazette

From the Aethelmaearc Gazette:

Omnibus Peerage Proposal Submitted to SCA Board of Directors | The Æthelmearc Gazette.

Duchess Tessa the Huntress announced that the final proposal for the creation of an omnibus peerage for all martial arts under the purview of the Earl Marshal, with the exception of rattan and rapier, was submitted to the Board of Directors of the SCA today. An earlier request had been made for space on the agenda for the April board meeting, pending submittal of the proposal. The meeting will be held on April 18 in Covington, KY in the Kingdom of the Middle. More information on attending the meeting can be found here.

The proposal for the new peerage was created by a multi-Kingdom steering committee, with input from the 850+ member Martial Peerage Facebook group. The proposed name for the peerage is the Order of Valiance, with a proposed badge as seen at right.

The full text of the proposal can be found here.

Anyone interested in writing in support of this proposal can contact the Board at directors@sca.org.


Call for Applications – Society Marshal

From the SCA Announcements mailing list:

The position of Society Marshal will soon be open. Candidates must apply in writing to the Board of Directors. This is an unpaid position.

The position entails administrating the marshallate activities of the Society and coordinating the activities of the kingdom Earl Marshals. Reports are required to be filed quarterly to the Board summarizing the martial activities of the Society and of each kingdom. The Society Marshal is also responsible for holding meetings to communicate with the kingdom Earl Marshals.

The successful candidate must be well versed in administrative techniques, problem solving, and interpersonal communications. Knowledge of marshallate policy, rules, and procedures is essential. The ability to travel is necessary, as well as having a telephone and e-mail. Knowledge of the traditions and history of the Society is required.

Resumes (both professional and medieval, including offices held and awards received) must be sent to the attention of the Board at the SCA Corporate Office, P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036-0789. Resumes must also be emailed to resumes@sca.org, with a copy to marshal@sca.org.  Resumes must be received by April 1, 2015.

Questions regarding this position may be directed to Shawn Lindsey (Ritter Asoph Hearts) Society Marshal. He may be reached by phone at 817-822-4303 (please no calls after 9 PM CST), or via email at marshal@sca.org.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email comments@lists.sca.org.

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Winter Edition of Quivers & Quarrels

Collected from the Calonlist:

The Winter edition of the SCA wide archery E-newsletter is now available at:

Quivers & Quarrels V1I6 Winter 2014-15.pdf

Previous issues of Quivers & Quarrels are available in the “files” section of:
At: enewsletter.sca.org/archery-community.html
From: http://scores-sca.org/qnq
Or by request from the Chronicler at: qqchronicler@gmail.com

Spring is coming! The Spring edition of Quivers & Quarrels will close for submissions February 28, 2015 for publication in March, and it will need a cover photo too! Please PM me for details or submission requirements (tag me in a post so I check my “other” folder), or email me at qqchronicler@gmail.com.

Calontir Fyrd and MAA Behourd

Fighters, Archers, Equestrians, I am pleased to announce the Calontir Fyrd and Man at Arms (MAA) Behourd. This season long tourney will run from Chieftains 2015 to Toys for Tots 2015. There will be two different booklets, one for the Fyrd and one for the MAA. Fyrd, your part of the tournament is to challenge as many different MAA as possible. MAA, your part is to challenge as many different Fyrd as possible. Challenges may happen at any event, fighter practice, or gathering but you only get one point per person challenged.

You may be asking, what if I’m a Fyrd in one discipline but a MAA in another and want to keep my challenges separate?  You can pick up one of each. But, what if I’m a Fyrd/MAA in multiple disciplines or the MAA/Fyrd I want to fight is in multiple disciplines or I just don’t want two booklets?  There will be a portion of each booklet that is marked for Cross Discipline Challenges. The booklets will be large enough to make short notes about the challenges.

Starting with Winter War Maneuvers you can pick up your booklet(s) from me, Nakos Theodorosides, at any event I’m at. At Winter War Maneuvers I will have 200 of each for Fyrd and MAA to take extras back to their groups. If you have any questions please contact me on Facebook or by email.

The intent of this behourd is to promote Fyrd and MAA to mingle and get to know each other better and to pass knowledge on. Oh and remember, once a Fyrd always a Fyrd.


Gryphon’s Fest Archery and Thrown Weapons Schedule

Harvested from Facebook:


9:30am – Open Practice

10 am – Hoard the Dragon’s Coins Shoot by Lady Emeline – Try to hoard to as many coins as possible by shooting other peoples’ coins

11am – Team Challenge Shoot by Lord Franz – Teams of 2 will try to best the Three Rivers Team

12 – 1pm – LUNCH BREAK

1pm – Popin-phoenix (formerly known as popinjay) Shoot by Lord Franz – Spinning 3D shoot to hit the phoenix and its minions (balloons)

2pm – Knock Down The Hydra by Lady Emeline – Stop the threatening hydra by hitting knock-down targets

3pm – Stop the Beasts – Hit both flat and 3D targets of demobison and other mythical creatures

Children are welcome to join in any shoot. If they are 13 or younger, a parent must accompany the child to the shoot and be on the line while the child is shooting.

Thrown Weapons will include axes, knives, and spears. One must wear open-toed shoes to play! Lady Hanne will be hosting a competition at 11am. Otherwise, the thrown weapons range will be open as long as a Marshal is available, and at the Marshal’s discretion. There will be loaner equipment to share. Minors 14 years and younger are not eligible to do thrown weapons.