Falcon Banner: Call for Arts and Sciences Papers

Beginning in 2016, the Falcon Banner will regularly publish arts and sciences articles from Calontir artisans. We initially plan on publishing one article a month, but the schedule will depend on submissions.

– There is no rank requirement for publication. Any artisan, from a Laurel to a beginner, may submit an article. Queen’s Prize entries are especially welcome.

– There is no limit to the number of submissions, but each author will be limited to two posted articles per calendar year.

– Articles should focus on arts and sciences topics from the SCA period. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a topic, please contact the editor. Examples include:

  • How to recreate a period X or Y
  • History lessons
  • A day in your persona’s life
  • Experimenting with period techniques
  • Original research

– Links to existing personal websites are welcome within an article, but should not replace the article.

– Articles may be submitted in any file format, authors do not need to convert for the web. If necessary, the author will be consulted about options for conversion/presentation.

– The Falcon Banner reserves the right to fact-check all articles, and to edit for grammar and clarity. All changes will be submitted to the author for review before publication.

– The Society values courtesy. Properly crediting the work of others is both courteous and required.

  • Images that are not your original photos or artwork must be properly credited/sourced. Be aware that some sources require a licensing fee, even for academic papers.
  • Substantial quotations from other sources must be be properly cited, and a bibliography is required. Any recognized standard will be accepted, but The Falcon Banner recommends the Chicago Manual of Style format http://www.wikihow.com/Cite-Sources-in-Chicago-Manual-of-Style-Format.

Publication in the Falcon Banner is not intended to replace publication in the Calon Scrolls. Please continue to support Calontir’s official arts & sciences newsletter with your submissions.

For questions please email the editor at mathurin@falconbanner.com

Email submissions to submission@falconbanner.com

THL Mathurin Kerbusso, editor

The Falcon Banner is Seeking Correspondents

The Falcon Banner is seeking correspondents to expand our coverage of news in the Kingdom.

If you can report on happenings in your local group, we need you.

If you can give timely event reports for your area, we need you.

If you can seek out and get permission to reprint papers, documentation, stories, poems, photos or videos — anything created by Calontiri that other Calontiri might be interested in — we need you.

If you can produce photos and/or videos of events in your area, we need you.

You don’t need to be a great writer, photographer or videographer. You don’t need to be an editor. You just need to be willing to be part of The Falcon Banner team; we will do the rest.

If you think you are interested, please contact Mathurin at rex.deaver@gmail.com for more information.

THL Mathurin Kerbusso,

Non nobis solum

First Post on New Site

This is our first post from the new hosting site. We wanted to test all the functions, as well as to help all of our readers a bit more with the transition.

First, the falconbanner.com  domain name has not been transferred yet and it may take a few days for that to happen. In the meantime, you will always be able to find us at


Second, if you were following us by email or through WordPress.com, we were not able to transfer those connections. Please subscribe at the new site. There is a new Subscribe tab on the main menu, or you can use the widget below.


And, finally, the crossposting to The Falcon Banner Facebook and Google+ pages, as well as to the Calonlist, will continue uninterrupted. Please let us know of any problems.

Thank you for your patience and support during the transition.


Mathurin & Katelyn

Taking stock

The site for the Falcon Banner is up for renewal and that has prompted us to ask some questions of the populace

Do you find the Falcon Banner worthwhile?

Are you submitting information and articles?

Do you want to be involved in publishing the Falcon Banner?

Let us know what you think at by emailing us at:

Mathurin (rex.deaver@gmail.com)

Kateryn (nickiandme@gmail.com)

The Falcon Banner Misquoted at SCAToday.net

A recent post at SCAToday.net erroneously reported elevations at Lilies War were “…by the hands of Their Majesties Agamemnon and Gwen.” Their Royal Majesties Martino and Ariel were the actual Crowns granting those elevations, as Their Royal Majesties Agamemnon and Gwen did not have Their coronation until the following month. 

We have verified that no posting on The Falcon Banner reflected such an error, and have requested a correction from SCAToday.

Posting documents to The Falcon Banner

There are three ways to post documents — flyers, research papers, etc. — to The Falcon Banner.

1. Upload your document to Scribd.com and send us the embed code via email. Instructions for embedding from Scribd

2. Email your document as an attachment, and give explicit permission us to upload to our Scribd account in the body of the email

3. Upload your document to Google Drive/Docs and send us the embed code via email. Instructions for embedding from Google Drive/Docs

Either option 1 or 2 are very much preferred as the embedded documents from Scribd present much better and give the reader much more options for reading on any device.

Mathurin Kerbusso