Announcements: RUSH Presents: Collegia Calontiris

Bookcases in the library of the University of Leiden, 1610

From Honorable Lord Saito Takauji comes this news:

Ohayo gozaimasu, Calontir! Some very exciting news from myself and the RUSH Chancellor, Lady Quiteria la Roja

With permission from Their Royal Majesties, we will be holding an official online event on 12/5/2020.

RUSH Presents: Collegia Calontiris is a day dedicated to all the arts and sciences, and the chance for Calontir to once more come together even during the darkest times and find strength in our community.

We need students, and we need teachers (because it would otherwise not be much of an event). Please follow this fine and elegantly crafted link to the event, where you can find a similarly artisanal link to the instructor signup up form!

A Zoom meeting will form the main room and main classroom. We have a generous offer from Count Volkmar Katzbalger  for a second classroom; and teachers can also use an “off site” classroom such as FB life, Twitch, or their own zoom.

Please join us for a day of arts, sciences, and togetherness on the 5th of December!

RUSH Presents: Collegia Calontiris! An online event to be held on December 5, 2020, in the virtual lands of the Barony of Mag Mor.

Classes of all kinds welcome! We have slots from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Event Steward: THL Saito Takauji (
RUSH Chancellor: Lady Quiteria la Roja
Scheduler: Lady Lelia Corsini

All classes to be conducted online.

Announcements: Board of Directors October Meeting Video Available

From the Society Announcements:

The Board of Directors Meeting was held on October 25, 2020. The meeting was held via GoToWebinar with 51 people in attendance from the community.

The video playback can be found on our SCA YouTube channel here:

To keep up to date on SCA YouTube, please consider subscribing and turning on notifications. Please give us a thumbs up if you want us to continue providing this type of content.

Thank you to all the people in attendance for this meeting.




SCA, Inc. Board Meeting to Live Stream

The Board of Directors has announced that the October 25th Board Meeting will be streamed via GoToWebinar. The recording will be uploaded to YouTube after the meeting is ended.

Register for the meeting at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please note: Space is limited as we are trying to keep costs low. If you have registered and cannot join the webinar, please try again later as people will enter and leave as the meeting progresses.

In addition, we will be taking questions through the Webinar software during the Board Meeting and having a Q&A session after the main business is concluded.

Announcement: Establishing the Membership Assistance Fund

From the Announcements mailing list:


In 2020, we are seeing the impact of the pandemic seriously affecting our members and their families.  To help where we can, our community suggested the Society set up a donation fund to support those participants who may be unable to continue their memberships.  You spoke and we listened.

The purpose of the “Membership Assistance Fund” is to allow the members of our community to request assistance directly from our Corporate Office for new memberships and renewals.

To submit a request, please follow the instructions in the letter from the Membership Office. SCA Membership forms are available on our Document Library page. Form Requests will be processed as funds allow. All requests will be treated confidentially.

To make a donation: Due to our not-for-profit status, we need your donations to make this fund work.  All donations designated ‘Membership Assistance Fund’ will be used for that purpose and that purpose only.

Make a tax-deductible charitable donation online.
Paypal and credit/debit cards accepted.

or you can mail your donation to:

Membership Assistance Fund
SCA Inc.
P.O. Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789

For more information, please email


Update on the Future of the Falcon Banner

Copyist-illuminator. Mid-15th Century. Public domain in the US

Two experiments have largely failed.

  1. Almost no one has responded to the request for readers to report news.
  2. MeWe has proven to be a platform that nobody goes to.

This means the Falcon Banner will not be able to disengage from Facebook as planned in 2021.

We will no longer post to MeWe. For those who followed us there, please consider subscribing to the email list.

Also, as I plan for retirement, I am looking for someone to take over as editor. If you have any interest in this role, please let me know.



Message from the Board of Directors August 8, 2020


The SCA Board of Directors wants to update you, the participants of this great organization, on the impact that Covid-19 is having on the SCA.

We are facing an unprecedented decline in membership revenue. Revenue has dropped off to the point where the Society could be facing some exceedingly difficult choices soon. Choices that may impact our ability to return to the game we love and miss.

To grapple with the current realities facing the SCA, the Board of Directors has canceled all travel and non-essential expenses at the corporate level.  Additionally, the Board and Corporate Officers are meeting bi-weekly via video teleconference to increase the speed at which we respond to the constantly evolving landscape of the SCA.

During these bi-weekly meetings it has become clear that we need to address our current financial situation. Since the outbreak of the pandemic we have seen an extraordinary 28% drop in membership, which is approximately 4,000 members.  We know that many of you are personally facing great hardships and we understand the difficult choices you are having to make each day. Not one of us has been untouched by the reality of living in the times of COVID.

For those of you who are able and willing to help the SCA face this threat there are several things that you can do.

First, please renew your membership if it has lapsed.

Second, please consider extending your membership for a few years.

Third, if you feel you can help support another person‘s membership you can reach out to our administrative team at to arrange for a Gift Membership.

Fourth, you can make a charitable tax-deductible donation to the Society directly.

We are a volunteer society with a huge diversity of membership. We are all doing the best that we can in a trying time. Now more than ever is our opportunity to live our lives following the core values of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Now is the time to display to the world that we are a chivalrous people of honesty, integrity, honor, service, respect, and fairness.

In Service to the Dream,

Craig Carter,  Chairman 

John St. Dennis,  Vice Chairman 

Gigi Coulson,  Director 

Natalie Degerstrom,  Director  


T.S. Morgan,  Director 

Dan Watson,  Director 

Ross Roegner,  Director  



Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Podcast with Mounted Combat Instructor

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

Gleaned from the Calonlist:

If you are unfamiliar with Guy Windsor, he is a noted instructor in historical martial arts. He has started a podcast during the pandemic, and this episode ( is with Jennifer Landels, a mounted combat instructor near Vancouver, BC.

I thought the equestrians might like to be informed…

A&S Deputy Positions Open: Volunteers Requested

Hello everyone!

We have a few positions to fill in the Arts & Sciences Office. If you are interested in any of the below positions, please send me an email ( expressing your interest, any particular skills or experience you feel makes you a good fit for the role, and anything else relevant you’d like to include. There may be follow up questions/a zoom meeting depending upon interest in the positions.

Please have all Letters to me by 9/1/2020

Open positions:

A&S Minister Deputy: This would be my direct office deputy (the so-called “drop dead”) and would step in if I became unable to serve. Duties would include being my backup (so gaining a knowledge of the office will be important) and helping with quarterly reporting. This is a great opportunity for those who have held a local office and want to get more involved or who may consider applying the next time KMoAS is open (next June!)

Scheduler Deputy: Have you ever wondered how our big A&S competitions are scheduled to match judges and entrants? That would be this deputy. Help the kingdom in a specific and measurable way. A great candidate has excellent organizational skills and enjoys a good puzzle. Must be able to attend Queen’s Prize and Kingdom A&S to assist with on-site logistics. Be a part of making these important events exciting for all who attend.

Martial Studies Deputy: If you have an interest in both Martial Activities and how they are taught/scheduled/made available to the kingdom, this may be a perfect position for you. The deputy will be able to work closely with the Kingdom A&S minister, RUSH officer, and Martial leadership to promote and expand teaching across all martial areas. A great candidate would be a successful networker who has at least some basic experience with each of the Martial areas supported by the kingdom.

I hope to hear from you all. Even if you worry that you might not have all the experience in an area, I hope to hear from you. Knowing that you have interest lets us help give you opportunities to learn more and be involved with an area you are passionate about.

As always, please reach out to the email above if you have questions.

Kristine Nic Tallier

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences