Updated — September Awards Granted by TRM Agamemnon & Gwen

Gathered from the Calonlist, via HG Phaedra:



Ulfr Thyrison, Court Barony
Lucia De Vatavia, Boga Fyrd
Donald MacDonald, Cross of Calontir
Jurgen Scherzer, Iren Fyrd
Sokhatai Saikan, Award of Arms
Tarique ibn Akmel el Ghazi, Iren Hirth

King’s Companie of Archers

Bryan of Loch Rannock, Boga Fyrd
Falconius Turdus Electus, Award of Arms
Iaan Sorenson, Torse
Juaquin de Dominges de Mendoza, Torse
Thomas Fleischacker, Boga Hirth
Tigernan Sorenson, Torse
Brian Robert MacDougal, Award of Arms
Maeve Durfee, Torse
Esther bat Moshe announced for Pelican

Queen’s Prize Tournament

Da’ud ibn Irbahim al’Sanandaji, Award of Arms
Catherine of Dark Forest, Silver Hammer
Melisent MacAfee, Calon Lily
Ysabel de la Oya, Award of Arms
Luckie of Falcon’s Keep announced for Laurel

Gryphon’s Fest

Grimwulf Harland, Torse
Ildaria of Three Rivers, Award of Arms
Judith of Three Rivers, Leather Mallet
Osric Reyner, Award of Arms
Quintus Aurelius Calvus, Award of Arms
Robert Brockman, Eo Fyrd
Rose of Arden, Award of Arms
Sibilla Swaine, Leather Mallet
Honorary title of Ippo Proti granted to Kacey of the Flaming Hooves

Champagne Players Celebration at Lilies

Good people of Calontir and all welcome visitors to the War of the Lillies! Over the past years, the Champagne Players have delighted to entertain you with our shows.

This year, we have elected to take a break to rejuvenate our creative muses, and we intend to reignite the flame of ridicule anon!

We humbly thank you for your patronage, and invite you to join us in celebration for our efforts on Monday night after dark, at the Permanent Pavilion located at the end of the Long March Road, on the East side of camp. Note: the schedule currently says 3 Rivers Players. Talk about your scene stealing…

We offer drink to quench your thirst, both adult and juvenile (as our humor). If you plan to partake of our adult beverages, please BRING YOUR IDs. A representative will be able to check and mark you with our super-secret glyph so you may continue to partake without hassle. No one shall receive adult beverages without this mark.

We shall have food! Our favorite furniture-depicteur, Martin Vulliet, will have delictable treats for consumption!
We offer gaming tables to test your luck and skill! Have nothing to bet? Lady Coquette of Northshield has graciously made starter bundles of baubles to get you started on your campaign of winning everyone else’s stuff!

We shall also hopefully have music to listen and dance to – drummers, please join us!
Should you have any further questions, please ask me, Lord Logan Munro, aka the guy in charge of waking you with news this week!

BelAnna DeRouge — Important Pennsic Information

Pennsic information you need to know. Please share on all your local SCA pages.

  • Online Pre-registration ends at midnight June 16th.
  • The Calontir encampment name is Populace of Calontir.
  • Gate now closes at 12 midnight and opens at 6 am. You must sleep on the battlefield if you arrive in the wee hours of the night.
  • Pennsic closes Sunday at noon, and you must be off site at that time.

From Laurel Staff: Silent Heraldry Deputy chosen

Posted on Facebook:

The Laurel, Wreath, and Pelican Sovereigns of Arms, in combination with Clarion Herald, have reviewed the applications for the recently created position, Silent Herald Deputy. We received applications from several highly qualified candidates, making this a difficult decision.

We would like to thank all those who applied – though we could only choose one candidate, we are pleased to see such a strong pool of heralds dedicated to furthering silent heraldry in the SCA. After careful consideration, we have chosen Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh to take on this job.

We will be working with Nesscia to get her established in this role, and we know she will be asking for help from silent heralds around the known world to work on integrating silent heraldry to become more of a part of the SCA. Please welcome her in this (very) new office.

Horse and Falcon Archery Schedule

I don’t have names or descriptions of everyone’s shoots, but here are the times and names of the marshals running them:

9:00 Range opens for inspections and practice
10:00 Alessandra
11:00 Rory
1:00 Daniel (Missile Weapons Challenge)
3:00 Søren

9:00 Range opens for inspections and practice
10:00 Alessandra
11:00 Søren (Things on Strings)
1:00 Emeline
2:00 Janos