Demo Report: Kalmar Industries Company Picnic, Ottawa, KS 8-6-2016

Sir Cai arranged for his company to allow the SCA to hold a full-on demo at his annual company picnic. Kalmar Industries in Ottawa, KS hosted SCA folk from multiple nearby groups, including the Shire of Carlsby, the Shire of Cum an Iolair, the Shire of Crescent Moon, the Canton of Aston Tor and the Barony of Forgotten Sea. Visitors from distant groups, including the Barony of Vatavia and the Shire of Golden Seas even joined in the fun. This author is certain she has left out some groups, as well. Apologies for that. There were so many people, the demo was certainly the size of a decent event!

Look at all that Meanest Mother Melee fighting!

Look at all that Meanest Mother Melee fighting!

We had enough people for tourney fighting, cut-and-thrust and archery events side-by-side, multiple-fighter melees, several meanest-mother melees and even some old style Holmgang melees. This author heard laughing and great fun coming from the list field throughout the day. Epic deaths were seen. Even Ottawa residents came to the park, set up their lawn chairs and watched the sport throughout the day, enjoying the unusually mild August weather.

Ottawa's newest spectator sport

Ottawa’s newest spectator sport

The SCA personnel put on a fine showing of our best artisanry, too. We fully encircled the list fields with pavilions full of our best displays, from scribal arts through a fully functional forge thanks to Baron Lothar! Several people combined their talents to show how wool moves from sheep to fully woven fabric, including spindles, a spinning wheel, and two kinds of looms.  Mistress Dorcas provided an entire pavilion of heraldic goodies and information, too.

Amazing fiber arts demo - sheep to shawl!

Amazing fiber arts demo – sheep to shawl!

An all-day chainmail demo by HL Thomas the Black, armoring, sewing, displays of the Baronial coronets, finished garb hanging in the pavilions, and lots of people willing to talk about the SCA and our period of history provided a well-rounded, educational opportunity for the Kalmar employees, their families and others who visited. Many friends and family members of the SCA folks came by to see us, too!

H.L. Thomas the Black and his chain mail demo

H.L. Thomas the Black and his chain mail demo

Sir Cai graciously printed outstanding informational brochures and amazing laminated SCA bookmarks for us to give to visitors during our recruitment efforts. These proved very popular with the younger set, who also enjoyed the hands-on nature of most of the demo items. Being able to touch real, hand-woven fabric, chainmail, armored fighters and heraldic banners caused more than one young mouth to gape in amazement as they saw storybooks come alive before their eyes. Lady Maegwynn provided heraldic announcements before the fighting, including explanations of the SCA – who we are, what we do, and why the visitors should come around and check out the demos.

Baron Lothar explaining how he is forging his Holder Down Thing

Baron Lothar explaining how he is forging his Holder Down Thing

As a reward for our demo, the Kalmar folks provided the SCA demo-ers with a luscious BBQ lunch of pork, turkey, beef and all the sides. Bounce-houses and a bounce-obstacle course for the kids were available, although us adults were sadly not allowed. We debated the wisdom of obtaining ones rated for grownups for the next Tor Party at Lilies.

It was a beautiful day of temperate weather, gentle breezes, great fun fighting and some of the best fun many of us had in a long time. We wish the rest of you had been able to join us! Enjoy the photos – I’ve linked them to my Flickr page, because I took so many. These are just a few teasers.

Link to Photos:

In joyous fealty to the Crown and People of Calontir, I remain your loyal servant and Scribe-

Takashoka Spaekona Aidan Cocrinn, OL

Never Won a Tourney Tournament at Gulf Wars (Rapier Tournament)

Gleaned from Facebook:

On behalf of Their Majesties the Kingdom of Atlantia is proud to host the Never Won a Tourney, Tourney at Gulf Wars. This tournament is scheduled for Tuesday at Noon. We invite all to compete who have never won a rapier tournament, excluding rapier melee tournaments. The format is a double elimination tournament.

Caitilín Inghean Fheichín

Two New Cut & Thrust Orders Created at Lilies War XXIX

At Their Court on Friday of Lilies War XXIX, Their Royal Majesties Anton and Isabeau created two new orders to recognize the prowess of Calontiri cut and thrust fighters.

The Stile Fyrd and Stile Hus join the Iren, Boga and Eo orders of their respective brethren.

No members were chosen for the Stile Hus at this time.

Three Premieres were chosen for the Stile Fyrd; Alan Smyith of Darkdale, Donald Andrew MacDonald and Ravasz Janos

Fencing Classes at Lilies

These classes will be conducted near the Cut and Thrust area of the battlefield. Lord Gawin will need a marshal for the Italian Rapier Practice as this will be in full armor. Please see THL Mathurin Kerbusso, C&T Marshal in Charge for the War, to volunteer.

Italian Rapier Practice

This class is part of a week-long series of classes to provide a basis in the Italian rapier systems of Ridolfo Capo Ferro, Salvator Fabris, and Nicoletto Giganti. Each of these classes builds on the previous, so please attend as many as you can manage. Also, please bring your armor for Calontir Steel if you have it. Most of the class time will be dedicated to focused drills. The tentative scheduling is that Day 1 and 2 will focus on forming a good guard and the lunge. Days 3 and 4 will focus on basic defenses. Days 5 and 6 will focus on counters to those defenses, and days 7 and 8 will be used to put it all together.

Time: 3pm – 5pm Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Location: Near the Calontir Steel List
Instructor: Lord Gawin Kappler (MKA Joe Shaffer)

Fiore’s Dagger Plays

This class will work through the dagger plays of Fiore de Liberi. We will discuss basic defenses against dagger strikes and basic grappling in response to those strikes.

Time: 10am – 11am Wednesday
Location: Near the Calontir Steel List
Instructor: Lord Gawin Kappler (MKA Joe Shaffer)

How to prepare for a Duel in 30 days or less

This class will provide a very basic introduction to how to prepare for a fencing duel in 30 days or less. If you are looking to find a simple introduction to how to defend yourself with a sword, this class is for you.

Time: 10am – 11am Monday
Location: Near the Calontir Steel List
Instructor: Lord Gawin Kappler (MKA Joe Shaffer)

Using a Dagger in Italian Rapier

This class will emphasize the use of a dagger in Italian Rapier fencing. Please bring your sword and dagger if you have one.

Time: 10am – 11am Thursday
Location: Near the Calontir Steel List
Instructor: Lord Gawin Kappler (MKA Joe Shaffer)

Call for Cut & Thrust Marshals for Lilies War

I know it seems like a long way off, but Lilies is only a little over 9 weeks away!

We have tournaments scheduled for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 10 am. We have our traditional open field time from 1pm to 3pm every day. And we need C&T marshals for each of these. The Ladies of the Rose Tournament is on Thursday, and will likely need the most marshals. I could also use a drop-dead deputy.

Please contact me at rex.deaver at gmail dot com if you would be willing to schedule any of these times.

THL Mathurin Kerbusso, C&T Marshal in Charge, Lilies War 2015

Creation of the Order of Defense

Due to the large amount of information surrounding the additional peerage for rapier and cut and thrust, the Board of Directors decided to participate in a conference call on February 2, 2015. The Board received a large amount of additional comments and suggestions in the two weeks following the January 17 quarterly meeting. This was considered in addition to the first Board call for commentary on this issue.

At the February 2, 2015 special conference call meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board discussed the history of the APEC proposal process, the commentary received from the membership, and the various options available to the Board. The Order of Defense proposal was the result of many years of effort, and while the commentary from the membership opened the Board’s eyes to other options and possibilities, the Board decided at this time to reconsider the proposal to change Corpora to create the Order of Defense. During the call a motion was made and seconded to approve the changes to Corpora, and such motion passed 6 votes for and 1 against.

Motion to approve the proposed changes to Corpora that will create the new peerage, Order of Defense, and direct Laurel Sovereign of Arms to submit such name and heraldry to the heraldic comment process, with the intention of opening the Order on May 1, 2015. Voted in favor of the motion: Arthur Donadio, Andrew Coleman, John Fulton, David Keen and Lisa May. Voted against the motion: Lisa Czudnochowsky. Chairman Scott Berk exercised his option to vote and did so in favor of the motion. Motion passed.

Motion in the matter of the Order of Defense to waive the requirements of Corpora Section IV.G that the Crown consult the members of a peerage order prior to inducting new members of that order, but only in the case of the first three (3) members of the Order of Defense. Once there are three members of the Order of Defense in a kingdom, the Crown must consult the Order per Corpora prior to adding members. Voted in favor of the motion: Arthur Donadio, Andrew Coleman, Lisa Czudnochowsky John Fulton, David Keen and Lisa May. Opposed: none. Chairman Scott Berk exercised his option to vote and did so in favor of the motion. Motion passed.

No candidate may be inducted into the Order of Defense before May 1, 2015. All candidates inducted into the Order of Defense on May 1, 2015, will carry equal precedence, regardless of the time of day each such candidate was inducted.

Five years ago, the enormous response in favor of a path to peerage was specifically focused on rapier and cut and thrust combat. When and if another martial activity engenders the response from the membership at large that rapier and cut and thrust did, when another martial activity has the depth, breadth and community as exists for rapier and cut and thrust, then the Board of Directors may investigate the possibility of facilitating a path to peerage for such martial activity.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Call for Applications – Society Marshal

From the SCA Announcements mailing list:

The position of Society Marshal will soon be open. Candidates must apply in writing to the Board of Directors. This is an unpaid position.

The position entails administrating the marshallate activities of the Society and coordinating the activities of the kingdom Earl Marshals. Reports are required to be filed quarterly to the Board summarizing the martial activities of the Society and of each kingdom. The Society Marshal is also responsible for holding meetings to communicate with the kingdom Earl Marshals.

The successful candidate must be well versed in administrative techniques, problem solving, and interpersonal communications. Knowledge of marshallate policy, rules, and procedures is essential. The ability to travel is necessary, as well as having a telephone and e-mail. Knowledge of the traditions and history of the Society is required.

Resumes (both professional and medieval, including offices held and awards received) must be sent to the attention of the Board at the SCA Corporate Office, P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036-0789. Resumes must also be emailed to, with a copy to  Resumes must be received by April 1, 2015.

Questions regarding this position may be directed to Shawn Lindsey (Ritter Asoph Hearts) Society Marshal. He may be reached by phone at 817-822-4303 (please no calls after 9 PM CST), or via email at

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Official BoD Announcement on Fourth Peerage Meeting

From: Announcements [] On Behalf Of via Announcements
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2015 9:14 PM
Subject: [Announcements] Proposed Corpora Change Results – 4th Peerage

At the January 17, 2015 Board of Directors meeting in Milpitas, CA, the Board voted against revising Corpora to establish a rapier peerage. The Board also voted to delete wording that labeled rapier as an ancillary activity of the SCA and replace it with wording that unambiguously established rattan as the only permitted weapons in a Royal List. The ramifications of the two votes has generated quite a bit of discussion on social media about a number of things, but the Board did not make any decisions concerning anything at all except turning down the rapier peerage proposal and adding a statement that Royal Lists may only be fought with rattan weapons. This letter is intended by the Board to respond to the most prevalent rumors circulating in response to the Board actions of Saturday.

The Board Votes.

The Board was split on the question of the rapier peerage. Three directors voted to approve the Corpora changes and the resulting establishment of a rapier peerage because they believe that while rapier should really be recognized by the Chivalry, trying to force inclusion in the Chivalry by Board fiat would not work, and they were willing to vote yes on the proposal as a good compromise. Two directors felt rapier should be recognized as part of a peerage that recognizes all non-rattan martial arts and not a separate peerage. Two directors believed rapier should be recognized in the Chivalry. So, with a 4-3 vote against the proposed Corpora changes, which would have established a separate rapier peerage, no change will take place at this time.

The only other action the Board took concerning rapier in the SCA was removing language dating from 1979 saying that rapier was an “ancillary” activity of the SCA and, to make it clear that we are not discarding the traditions of Crown Tourney, the Board then made it very clear that only rattan combat may be used in a Royal list. This change to Corpora received the unanimous approval of the Board.

Response to Social Media Discussions.

First, the Board received commentary from less than 2% of the membership over the entire 3 years and all requests for comments on the rapier peerage issue. Many people wrote in more than once, but repeating an opinion doesn’t count as a separate opinion. However, it was not the lack of commentary that influenced some Board members to vote against the proposal; it was the fact that the small amount of commentary the Board did receive trended against a separate rapier peerage. The majority of comments received in favor of recognizing rapier with a peerage said that rapier should either be included in the Order of the Chivalry or in a new peerage that included all non-rattan combat. The result of such a relatively small number of people commenting is that the opinions the Board did receive were given greater weight – if a larger number of those who supported the separate rapier peerage had commented, a different result might very well have resulted. There’s no way to know that for sure, but it underscores the importance of writing in to let the Board know your opinions about proposed changes to Corpora.

Second, the Board did not open the Order of the Chivalry to inclusion of rapier fighters. There is a 1999 policy interpretation from the Society Seneschal (upheld by the Board at that time) specifically stating that the Order of the Chivalry is intended for rattan combatants only. It would take a new policy interpretation (which would need to be upheld by the current Board) or other Board action to change that fact. The Board’s intention in removing the “ancillary activity” language had nothing to do with making rapier knights. The Board removed the “ancillary activity” language because it was simply no longer accurate or true. It may have been true long ago when it was added to Corpora, but times have definitely changed. Rapier has permeated the fabric of the Society, and the Board felt that the language needed to be removed. However, in order to clarify that we weren’t changing the rules regarding Crown Tourneys by the deletion of the “ancillary activity” language, the Board added language restricting Crown Tourneys to rattan weapons.

The Board discussed removal of the “ancillary activity” language months ago and sent it out for comment at the same time as the additional peerage language. We understand that some people are unhappy the various changes weren’t put out in separate announcements, but it never occurred to us to send out multiple announcements on the same general subject at the same time. The Board received commentary on that section, as well as the rapier peerage sections, and we can’t recall any comments that disagreed with the deletion.

People will always understand what they read through the filter of their own opinions and biases, and the fact that some have made certain interpretations and raised them on social media does not make those interpretations factual. Also, a strongly expressed opinion by one or two Board members does not constitute the opinion of the entire Board of Directors of the SCA, so any assumptions made based on one or two such opinions are also not based in fact. It takes a vote of 5 out of 7 directors to make changes to Corpora, individual director opinions notwithstanding. Any official opinion of the Board of Directors will always be labeled as such, will always come through the approved communication channels and will always be posted on the corporate web site.

We welcome your comments which can be sent to: SCA Inc. Box 360789 Milpitas, CA 95036.
You may also email comments at