Battlemoor Date Changed

Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain in the US

The following announcement was posted on the Battlemoor website

Unto the populace of the Outlands and the Known World do We, Jaxarticus Rex and Anna Reginia Outlandium, send greetings.

After meeting with the Kingdom Seneschal, the Battlemoor Autocrats, the BAM council, and members of the populace, a decision has been made for this years Battlemoor.

Battlemoor IX will be held July 4th thru July 8th in Buena Vista Colorado.

There are many reasons for this change and we understand this effects plans and schedules. We apologize for this inconvenience but it is necessary, this year, because this site is currently the best choice for us.

Their Majesties are asking for feedback to gauge the interest of the Kingdom to see who is going or may be going with this date change. Please let them know at


New Deadline for Pennsic PreRegistration

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Re-posted from the East Kingdom Gazette:

The deadline for paid pre-registration for Pennsic has been extended until 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on Fri, Jun 23, 2017. The deadline for unpaid pre-registration is 11:59 pm July 7th.

A Pennsic Challenge

Reprinted from the East Kingdom Gazette

The following is being posted on behalf of Her Grace, Mary of Northshield, formerly of the East.

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Greetings unto the Known World and those going to Pennsic from Duchess Mary of Northshield!

If you were ‘going to catch them all’ at Pennsic, what would you catch?  We have the most exotic creatures all around us, we just have to look.  This year I am sponsoring a quest for young and old to ‘catch’ – SCA style.

The goal is simple – seek and find people from every stage of progression from every kingdom.  I have a form to help you keep track and if you bring that form back to the Games Tent by 8/11 you will get a prize for your efforts. Whoever caught the most/’them all’ gets a special prize.

Truly, the real prize will be the people you meet and the things you learn!

Forms can be obtained at the Games Tent, or you can print the PDF: Pennsiccatchthemall

And since we are an increasingly digital society if you feel inclined, and, it is not offensive to your ‘catch’ please post pictures with #Pennsiccatchthemall

Duchess Mary of Carrigart, Kingdom of Northshield


From Their Royal Highnesses Logan and Ylva

At Grand Court at Lilies War XXX, Their Royal Highnesses Logan and Ylva announced who the Calontir forces would be fighting with at this year’s Pennsic War. While it is traditional that Calontir fights with the Midrealm, it is not uncommon that they align with the East upon occasion. However, this year Calontir does not choose either side. Instead, Calontir will fight beside Their Royal Iren Ferean Majesties of Ealdormere Nigel and Adrielle. Where Ealdomere goes, so goes Calontir.

Long Live Ealdomere!
Long Live Calontir!
Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

ABC News Gostream Coverage of Pennsic

Gleaned from Facebook:

Let the Pennsic Wars Begin:…/gostream-pennsic-wars-begin-32849773

Castle Battle at the Pennsic Wars:…/gostream-castle-battle-pennsic-wars…

Society’s Guidance for Youth Combat at Pennsic


The Society Seneschal, A.J. Pongratz, has provided legal guidance for Youth Combat activities at Pennsic in light of recent changes in Pennsylvania law. The full text is quite long, and is posted in full at The East Kingdom Gazette

However, the pertinent part of the statement is:

In reviewing the official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services and the recent statute with other officers and agents of the SCA, I have determined that this statute will not impact on Heavy Combat or Rapier Combat by minor children of the age of 16 or 17 nor youth activities.



Lilies XXIX — Elevations Scheduled for Lilies

Thanks to Mistress Eleanor Deyeson:



  • Uldin of Ravenscroft – sunset – vigil overnight at the Fort on the battlefield


  • Cionnadh mac Cosgraigh – 7:00pm – vigil in Conna’s encampment in B3R (meet at taste of Calontir)
  • Eric de Tyr – sunset – vigil overnight at HG Ostwalt’s camp near the battlefield (meet at Royal Pavillion)


  • Eric de Tyr – 9:30am – Knighting ceremony on the battlefield
  • Uldin of Ravenscroft – 5:00pm – Knighting ceremony in opening court
  • Cionnadh mac Cosgraigh – 5:00pm – Laurel ceremony in opening court
  • Guillaume la Sudeterre – after court – vigil in the bronze casting area (meet after court)


  • Mathieu Chartrain – 7:00pm – vigil in Jorunn and Avraham’s camp (meet prior at Grand Pavilion)


  • Maren Thorskapitr – 6:00pm – vigil in tent near permanent shelter on the point where the C d’E party is


  • Guillaume la Sudeterre – 5:00pm – Laurel ceremony in Grand Court
  • Maren Thorskapitr – 5:00pm – Pelican ceremony in Grand Court


  • Gustav Jameson – 9:30am – Pelican ceremony at the Ladies of the Rose tourney field


  • Mathieu Chartrain – 1:00pm – Laurel ceremony at closing court

Lilies War Heralds / List Ministers Needed

Gathered from Facebook:

Lillies War Tournaments Needs You!

For any Heralds and/or List Ministers not on the Heralds’ lists, below is a link to a spreadsheet of all the tournaments I know of, which has been updated since the last post. Please sign up for individual activities by putting your name in the appropriate cell. You are on your honor to a) fulfill your signup and b) not mess with any names already there. If you want to be a part of something that’s already spoken for, show up anyway! We all work together well!

Speaking of working together, also keep the Camp Cries in mind! See Ozurr Sviðbalki for details!

And hang out at the consulting table with Lisa Sofya Kies!

YIS, Logan Munro
Rogue Herald-at-Large
Vogue Herald-in-Charge

Update on Youth Combat Activities at Pennsic

Statement issued by the Pennsic staff:

In compliance with new Pennsylvania Commonwealth Law and due to potential medical risk considerations involving martial activities the following policy is now in effect:

Minors authorized in martial activities and bearing a gold tape diamond on their helms on which their parent or legal guardian’s cell phone number is written, may participate in battles. Parents should have the cell phone in hand in case of emergency

Additionally, from the Midrealm Earl Marshal:

NB: The mayor has incorrectly stated that the gold diamond for rapier combatants should be on the helm – it should be on the cuff of the gauntlet, per Society Rules.