Gryphon’s Fest Feast Information

Sieved from the Calonlist:

First, a reminder of the menu for this feast:

Sur La Table:  Bread, Butter, “Puddleford Persimmon Chutney,” Assorted small pasties (beef, mushroom, pork)

1st course:  “Small game birds” with 2 sauces (one fruit, one rosewater), a “Tart of Greens”
2nd course:  Venison, Frumenty (a grain dish, similar to oatmeal, but with savory spices), Peas
3rd course:  Roast pork, Compote of apples and walnuts, Stuffed tubes (fried cheese)
Dessert: “Slices” (a pastry of figs, almonds, and raisins), Candied Orange Peel, and “Tart de Pommes” (apple pie)

As previously mentioned, there will be an “off board” option, for anyone interested. The off-board will be all the dishes that are NOT specifically “meat.”  (The idea, here, is to bring your own meat-of-choice.  We will provide a place for the cooking of said meat.  We will then provide all the side dishes, drinks, and desserts…all this, for the lowlow price of $5.  Limit of 20 off-board tickets.)

Vegan alternatives can, and will *cheerfully* be, made available, on request (in advance, please!  I’m not asking for a paid pre-registration, just let me know, so that I can plan for the vegan substitutes I will need to buy).

I would be very grateful if anyone who is interested in either the “off board” option, or the vegan option, would please let me know, some time before Thursday, 9/25 (since that’s when I’ll be doing the bulk of my shopping).

Thanks, much.

Feast Steward, Gryphon’s Fest

Calontir Cooks’ Guild Can Help

We, the members of the Calontir Cooks Guild, would be honored to assist any group or person in their efforts to produce period offerings for their Tavern or Feast. You can contact us either on the Calontir list (or Facebook page), the Calontir Cooks list (or Facebook page), or feel free to contact me personally (Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté, current head of the Calontir Cooks Guild).

Do you need information on period food? Perhaps you’d like to know how to create a feast that is both period and will appeal to the modern palate? Questions about adding ambiance to your feast? Contact us, we’ll be glad to share our knowledge with you.

Are you a beginning feast steward and need a mentor? Contact us, we’ll find an experienced cook who can partner with you.

Would you like to see how we run feasts here in the SCA? Contact us, and we’ll find some feast kitchens in which you can play.

We’re just a message away and look forward to working with you!

P.S.  Check out our guild website … we’re always adding new information to it.

Cooks Needed To Sponsor A Food Table at Lilies 28 Taste of Calontir

Saturday, June 14th

7pmPermanent Shelter

Entertainment by the Falcon Wring Dancers NEW !!!!!          


Cooks Participating will receive:

·         Printing FREE for your food booklets or recipes

·         A Thank you gift for participating

·         Posted on the Cooks Guild Website a Group Selfie



·         We will be collecting monetary donations (on site) and will divide the funds amongst those sponsoring a table to help defray your cost.

·         Simonne will pay for 20 food booklets or recipe cards.  You are encouraged to demonstrate your historical knowledge to educate the populace on your cultural food.   See additional information on Printing below



Please offer your talents & tasty bites and sponsor a table.  Help the Cooks Guild to continue to build its excellent reputation of historical cultural food education.

·         You will have a set amount of space for your food display. (More on this later).

·         Create Cultural Ambiance:  You are encouraged to dress up your table space with time-period specific ambiance … table coverings, dishes, it all gives our guests a better idea of “how it was”.

·         Bring your own Prep table.  You can set the prep table around the outside of the Shelter perimeter. Get a few friends to help be part of your team.

·         Bring a period looking lantern to light up your table space, as it gets dark outside.


How to Sign up

·         Please fill out the enclosed form and email it to Simonne (

·         Tables planned thus far are: 

Japanese = Mistress Gwen a’Brooke

Middle eastern = Lady Lily de Vale

FREE  Printing Information:

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your cookery knowledge.  Suggestions: have the recipes in the original language from the manuscript and the English translation; add references, interesting facts about your culture etc.…. 

Food Booklets Design:

·         Max space:  type on both sides of a 8 X 11 (regular size) printing paper

·         Send as a PC or MAC WORD doc.   Or  MAC Pages doc.

·         Color will be parchment

·         You can design it how you like (folded it in half, tri-fold etc.…)

Recipe cards:

·         You get the same amount of space.

·         Number of recipe cards per page will depend on your design. Make sure the font is large enough for people to read.

Deadline to get copy to Simone is FRIDAY, JUNE 6th Midnight. ((No exceptions)))—-Don’t wait till the last minute. Start planning now and get your copy in ASAP


Cultural Food Table Form—- (Email to Simonne)

SCA Name and title: __________________________________________________________

Mundane Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address:_______________________________________________________________________Phone(s)_______________________________________________________________________Email ___________________________________________________________________________

Other contact information ___________________________________________________

Food Table Information

The culture I will be representing is ___________________________________________

I would like to have printed  ________  20 food booklets or ____________  ?

Recipe cards(Choose one of the above).

Comments or Questions (please add any questions or comments you have now. You can always contact me later  when questions arise).     Thank you for sharing your talents and cookery knowledge,


HL Simonne Marguerite de La Rochelle  (Cyndy Mehrer)

Lilies 28 TOC Organizer


Facebook is my preferred contact

Feast Menu for Crown Tournament

From Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri:
A Roman Feast
The First Course:
Bread, Cheese: Both Hard and Herbed, butter, Kalamata and green olives, and grapes
The Second course:
Dill, mint, vinegar, broth, mustard, raisin wine and leeks
Endives and Lettuce
Endives, Lettuce, honey, vinegar, chopped onion, dates, pine nuts
Leeks and Beans
Borlotto beans, leeks, salt, pepper, cumin, broth
The Third Course:
Pork tenderloin, scallions, salt, pepper, raisin wine, savory
Mustard Beans
Borlotto beans, Mustard seed, honey, pine nuts, rue, and vinegar
Lightly salted
Another Sweet Dish
Fine white bread soaked in almond milk and eggs, then fried
Served with honey cream
A Dish of Pears
A pear custard
Compote of early Fruit
Peaches, Pears, Apples, Dates; spiced with allspice and honey

Society Feast Survey


The Sternfeld Feast Cooks are looking for ways to make feasts better, and we thought it would be best to start with finding out what people want!  If you could spare a few minutes to take our survey, it will be a huge help.  And if you have a few more moments, please forward this information to other lists you’re on!  We’re trying to get as many responses as possible, from as many areas of the Society as possible, and will be sharing the results with any cooks who are interested.

Many thanks!  Yours in service and having fun!

Wulfwen atte Belle

Barony of Sternfeld

Kingdom of the Middle

Hey you!  Yes, you!  Would you be willing to help out with something?  The feast cooks of Sternfeld have created a survey about feasts and they are trying to get as wide a distribution as possible.  Their goal is to find out what people want, and then share that information with as many feast cooks as possible.  To that end, they’ve published the survey online at

They’d greatly appreciate it if you’d go fill out the survey – it will only take 10-20 minutes of your time, and it will help make feasts in the Society more enjoyable for everyone!  Also, please feel free to share this survey link on any relevant Society -related email lists you belong to.  They are looking for responses from throughout the Known World, from people of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Again, that link is:

Thanks in advance for your support!

Introducing the Modern Public to Renaissance Food

On Valentines’ Day, in Brookings, SD, Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté and Lord Angus de Botha (Suzanne and Angus Booth) of Calontir’s Barony of the Lonely Tower will be giving the residents of this town a taste of Bartolomeo Scappi’s world.
In conjunction with the Wooden Legs Brewing Company (a local brew pub with ties to the SCA community), Suzanne and Angus will be preparing a 4-course dinner with beer pairings for 40 lucky guests.

1st Course (Beer Pairing – Blonde)

Garlic Cheese Tarts
Cucumber Salad
Basalmic SpicedShrimp

2nd Course (Beer Pairing – Farmhouse)

Spiced Chicken Breast with Lemons Above
Pasta Romaneschi
Carrots in Vinaigrette

3rd Course (Beer Pairing – Steam)

Coppiette (Italian-style bacon-wrapped beef kabobs)
Baked Risotto
Roman Broccoli

4th Course (Beer Pairing – Chocolate Stout)

Rose Apple Cheesecake Tarts
Sliced Cheese & Pears
Walnuts in Red Wine Syrup

Upcoming Feasts


Saturday, February 15, 2014
Feast Steward: HL Fiondel Songspinner
Come enjoy the hearty German fare provided for our Changeling Feast in the evening following court. In celebration of Mardi Gras, we will once again host a “Changeling Feast” like in the days of old. Come as you are normally not – trade clothing with your friends, dress in a different era or geography from your normal persona, or maybe even come as a play on words or wear a masque to hide your true identify. This is an opportunity to have fun and be creative.
Additional entertainment will be provided during feast as well
Menu (subject to change as details are finalized): (v)=vegetarian
Auf Dem Tisch
Heathen Cakes (small dough pasties with bacon, apple, and pepper)
Hearty bread (multigrain) with butter (v)
Meat tray
Roasted “Milk” (vegan)
First Course
Hens from Greece (roasted chicken baked in pie)
Food of beans with flat bread (v)
Second Course
Beef or pork in Shallot and wine sauce
A food of pears (v)
Rice from Greece (v)
Fashing doughnuts (v)
Grape Pudding
Snow (whipped cream, served with fruit sauces)
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Feast Steward: Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté
A Roman Feast based on the Writings of Apicius
Lustratio – Hand Washing
Gustum (Appetizers) – 1st Course
Ova Elixa – Hard Boiled Eggs w sauce (garum, garlic, olive oil, pepper)
Panis focacius – Flatbread / Foccacia (flour, sugar, yeast, olive oil, sea salt)
Appendix Vergiliana, Moretum – Cheese Round with Herbs (goat cheese, garlic, cloves, celery, coriander, salt)
Salsum Sine Salso – Liver Pate (chicken liver, white pepper, garum, olive oil, crushed black pepper)
Epityrum – Olive Paste (olives, olive oil, vinegar, coriander, cumin, fennel, mint)
Mensa prima: cena prima – 2nd Course
Pullum Paroptum – Roasted Chicken (chicken, pepper, garlic, parsley, broth, oil)
Carotae – Fried Carrots (carrots, olive oil, white wine, salt, pepper)
Cucumeres rasos – Cucumber Salad (Cucumbers, garum)
Bolitos Aliter – Grilled Mushroom Caps (mushrooms, salt, olive oil, broth, wine, pepper, honey, roux (flour, oil))
Mensa prima: cena alterna – 3rd Course
Aprum Assum iura Ferventia Facies – Roasted Boar (pork) with Cooked Sauce
Aliter Betas Elixas – Beets with Mustard (beets, whole grain mustard, oil, vinegar)
Aliter Curcurbitas Frictas – Fried Squash (squash, olive oil, wine, salt, pepper)
Lustratio – Hand Washing
Mensa secunda – 4th Course
Pear Patina – Pear Custard (pears, white wine, honey, pepper, cumin, passum/raisin wine)
Dulcia Domestica – Stuffed Dates (dates, coarsely ground walnuts, salt, honey, red wine)


Calontir Cooks’ Guild News

Calontir Cooks’ Guild News

Do you love to cook?  Are you interested in history?  Perhaps you don’t cook, but consider yourself a “foodie”?
Come and play in the kitchens of the Calontir Cooks’ Guild!
The Cooks Guild has a new website, “The Rolling Scone”, which can be found at:
We also have a Yahoo Groups email list:
For more information, contact Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté (

Lilies 2014 Taste of Calontir

Lilies 2014 Taste of Calontir

The Taste of Calontir is an outreach program by the cooks of Calontir designed to instruct the populace about how great tasting period food could be. Each Taste of Calontir at an event consists of one or more tables each based on a different cuisine.  Each table is headed up by a “team captain” who comes up with a basic idea for his/her table.  Other cooks volunteer a dish towards that table or are recruited by the team captain. Every dish on the table(s) is served in bite sized pieces or servings to let folks have just a taste of the dish. We encourage the team captains to have recipe cards and/or pamphlets containing redacted recipes to share with the folks tasting our food .. and thus spread the love of wonderful-tasting medieval and renaissance food!

HL Simonne Marguriete de La Rochelle (Cyndy Mehrer) has agreed to coordinate the Cooks’ Guild Taste of Calontir at Lilies this year.

HL Simonne prefers written contact via Facebook private message, but can also be contacted (by voice or text) at 573-819-0250 (please no calls/texts after 11pm).