St. George & the Dragon & the Crusades Court summary, May 14, A.S. 51

Nadya Helming – Torse
Riley Sweynsdottir – Queen’s Chalice
Aethelred the Well Read – Torse (updated)
Yngvarr Oakson – AoA
Godric Jagerman – Torse

Other court news:
3 people received a Newcomer mug.
Eadweard Boisewright and Marcella the Unknown marked their 21st anniversary in the SCA, with thanks to Oakheart and to the Crown.

Alfonso X "El Sabio" and his Court, 13th Century. Public domain in the US.

Alfonso X “El Sabio” and his Court, 13th Century. Public domain in the US.

Message from His Royal Highness re: War College

To the fighters of Calontir, come these Greeting from His Highness, Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan regarding the upcoming War College event.

Unfortunately due to modern commitments, We will be unable to attend War College this year. However, We strongly encourage everyone who is able to go. This is one of the few opportunities for the army to practice together as a unit, and it should be taken advantage of. Please attend, and push each other to gain new skills and hone existing ones. You all performed well at Gulf Wars, but We can always get better.

We look forward to seeing all of you at Lilies War, where hopefully more practice at committing acts of violence will be had.

— HRH Logan —

Event Report – RUSH/Kingdom Scribe and Dance Symposium-Shire of Bellewood

April 2, A.S. 50 – Kirksville, MO

The Shire of Bellewood graciously allowed RUSH— the Royal University of Scir Havoc—to officially rebirth RUSH at their event. This turned the Kingdom Scribal and Dance Symposium into a full-blown RUSH event, with classes that included not only scribe and dancing but also a great many heraldry classes and round tables and a full track of cut and thrust classes and activities.

As this reporter was teaching scribal stuff all day, I cannot report first-hand on any of the other classes. However, RUSH Chancellor H.L. Cathus reported to me that the cut and thrust track was full all day long, and the heraldy classes were also well-attended.

On the scribal track, Mistress Jehanne Bening taught a class on how to safely use ground period pigments, which was well-attended and generated a lot of interest. A Scribes Guild meeting was hosted by Falcon Signet Mistress Elynor, as well.

The planned Ball and Grill in the park after classes had to be cancelled, due to unexpectedly cold and very windy conditions. Because We are Calontir, we adapted and overcame by holding the ball on the third floor of the site and ordering mass quantities of pizza. The musicians and dancers had great fun, as did those who chose to merely observe and dine.

Opposite this event was also Spring Spears, attended by Her Majesty, the Fyrd Retreat and Lilies Site Cleanup Day, and His Majesty’s personal birthday held in an undisclosed location. The St. Louis ComicCon also drew people in other directions. In spite of all that, attendance at Bellewood was excellent.

All in all, attendees and instructors seemed to agree the day was a great success. We are looking forward to more RUSH classes at Lilies War, followed by a RUSH event in early November 2016 in the Shire of Carlsby

Mistress Aidan Cocrinn

Clothiers Seminar 2016

As usual, this year’s Clothier’s Seminar was full of interesting classes and discussions throughout the day. From construction and drafting, to embroidery, to archaeology and culture, many of the aspects of the clothing we use in the SCA was covered.

Of special interest this year was the memorial honoring Master Nikolai Sazhka Kolosov. Master Sashatec passed away recently, and in his memory the finale of the Walk Through History showcased some of his many creations. His work was also on display throughout the day, as a centerpiece of the event.

Clothiers-2 Clothiers-1


Clothiers-6 Clothiers-7 Clothiers-8

Clothiers-9 Clothiers-10 Clothiers-11



12th Night Court Report

Our thanks to Lord Brian Robert MacDougal for this report.

An attempt has been made to check names against the Order of Precedence, please excuse any errors or misspellings.

C&T Social Club Bear Pit – Gawin Kappler

C@T Two Handed Tournament – Syr Duncan of Skeene

Armored Novice Tournament- Zino

Amored Social Club Bear Pit –

  • Ragnar Svensson 1st
  • Hugh De Puy 2nd
  • Hildebrand 3rd

Most Fun to fight – Germanicus

A&S –

  • Agnes Von Heidelberg (Theme)
  • Rufus Tenstone (Drinking Vessel)

Lillies Fireworks Fund Raiser –

  • Phillip Watkins, Custom Vels Table
  • Katherine Winterbourne, Fyrdracka Cruise

Julia Kaloethina – Swan

Eden Devereux – AOA

HL Giraude Benet announced a special addition to Clothiers: there will be a special display of Sashatec clothing, and inclusion in the parade

HRH called HE Annalies Grossmund into court so that Lord Gavin could ask her to marry him, and she said yes

Krist Kinder Markt Court Summary, December 12, A.S. 50

The Baronage of Vatavia will be released.
Nethery of Safita is the new Clerk of Backlog Scrolls.
Kamiizumi Hirotarou was presented with his AoA scroll.  From Atlantia.  From 1984.
Victoria Antoinette de Sauvignon is the new Kingdom Minister of Youth.
Meadhbh inghean uí Shuibhne will be the new Kingdom Exchequer.
Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru – Order of the Laurel.
Queen’s Chalices were given to Eriksson and to Ariana.  Corrections to their names are most welcome by this reporter.
Paul Adler will be the new Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science.
Elynor of Glastonbury is the new Falcon Signet.
Miakushka Loshkina – Golden Calon Swan
Marie le Faivre – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction.
Magnus Anskegg – Order of the Pelican.
Günther Klaus von Stuttgart – Order of the Calon Lily.
Nethery of Safita – Order of the Jiminy Cricket.  After her induction, she was also granted a Court Baronage.
Katherine de Heilige – Order of the Laurel.

Toys for Tots Court Summary, November 21, A.S. 50

A boon was begged for Katherine die Heilige to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel.
Kolfinna Halvgrimsdottir – AoA
Helen Amysdottir – Queen’s Chalice
Elynor of Glastonbury – Order of the Laurel
Rebecca Beaumont is the new Chair of the Lilies Committee.
John Bowyer – Iren Fyrd
Kirk Fitzdavid – Golden Calon Swan
Violet Sinclair – Calon Cross
Hugh du Puy – QED for Chivalry
Ishmala bint Yuhannah – Order of the Pelican

Gunnar of Oak Heart won the Novice tournament.
Sir Duncan of Skeene won the Calon Steel tournament.
Sir Martus Aleksandrov won the Armored Toys for Tots tournament.
The Barony of Three Rivers was recognized as the group that brought the most toys.
Halvgrim Riddari was recognized as the individual who brought the most toys.